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The big freeze.

I spent a few hours in the garden tidying up around the veggie beds this afternoon (including the 20 minutes when the garage door slammed shut on me trapping me inside 🙂 )and as there’s still quite a substantial crop of runner beans that would spoil soon, I’ve picked then all for freezing for a later date.

Simply wash, top & tail, blanche for 3 mins then rinse with cold water before drying and finally place in freezer bags. Some of the larger ones I’ll store somewhere dry until they turn brown and brittle for easy picking of the seeds which I’ll replant for  next years crop.

Another excess that we have is courgettes and I didn’t realise you could freeze these too. It’s such a shame to let them go to waste so again, these will be frozen with all the other veg bound for the freezer.

Next weekend I’ll be tidying the greenhouse and getting everything ready for winter storage as well as providing some room for the plants I’ll be over wintering.


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Veggie plot update – 2/8/10

Apart from continual lack of anything that looks like an Aubergine, everything else in the greenhouse and veggie plots are coming along nicely. In particular the potato grows sacks are producing some excellent results and so far I’ve dug up a fair few handfuls from the  first bag.

Although a little late to crop this year, we’re now picking the runner beans in larger volumes with plenty of new growth to keep us happy throughout late summer/autumn and to freeze for winter.

Likewise, the peas have also accelerated giving us a generous pan full instead of a small handful for salads.

Everyone I spoken to  says that there Tomatoes are late to ripen this  year, and mine are the same too. I’ve had the odd one or two but no great volume yet. However, these past few days I’ve noticed that the majority are just starting to show a hint of color change from green to orange so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long now.

A mis-timed sowing session has left us without much in the way of salad leaves for a week and I’ve also noticed that something is having a nibble on some of the leaves. I’d found the odd caterpillar, but I’m guessing he’s got friends lurking around nearby.

As I mentioned above, the Aubergines have failed to fruit and I’m guessing that there’s not going to be any to sample this year.  I won’t be put of trying again next year and at least the pink flowers have provided a little color to the otherwise uniform green of all the other crops in the greenhouse 😛

Courgettes and cucumbers are coming along nicely, especially the larger cucumbers which we’re picking each week.

All in all, so far so good.

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Veggie plot update: 30th June

I was just watering the crops  and have noticed that most of the plants are starting to bear fruit. What a great bonus to spot all of these on the same afternoon.

First sugar-snaps of 2010

…first Tom

…first Runner Bean

…first courgette (actually that’s a fib, there’s about five emerging now)

Found this fella tucked behind one of the leaves. I’d be concerned about the shape and ‘bumps’ on this cucumber if it wasn’t for growing them last year and seeing that this is what they look like when they’re growing (he writes nervously 🙂

First Aubergine

And some good news, back in my previous post (veggie plot update 23rd June)  I thought I’d lost one of the mini cucumber plants due to lack of watering whilst being away for a weekend. Well, giving it a good soak twice daily, a little TLC and plenty of Tomato feed seems to have been the perfect pick-me-up. It seems to be on the mend and the cucumbers have plumped up a little more. Time will tell but I’ve not given up on the little fella yet!

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Veggie Plot update 23rd June

A few update pictures from around the veggie plot. Being away last weekend i was concerned that everything would suffer in this mini heat wave we seem to be having. However, a neighbor of mine had offered to water and keep everything in check for me.

Number 2 herb tub is doing very well in the shade, number one in full sun isn’t. Time to move it I guess.

The second early potatoes have started to flower and  the first earlies’ leaves are starting to drop so it’ll be harvest time soon. Will have a dig around this weekend and see what come up. Main crop are just starting to bud.

Friends and families Tomatoes don’t seem to be doing too well this year or are a bit late. My cherry toms  are just starting to flower.

Aubergines continue to grow without any sign of distress so far.

Our first mini cucumber of the season is almost ready for picking.

Second batch of mixed salad leaves making its way to the table.

Only flowers and no fruit on the courgettes. I wonder if  this the first one forming? I’ve moved a few of them out of the greenhouse and into the veggie beds as space is becoming limited – despite getting a better grown under cover last year.  I hope they do o.k.

Both peas and beans seem to coming along nicely.

…and sadly, one of the mini cucumber plants has taken a turn for the worst. My neighbor had said that unfortunately she didn’t water every day and with this one being in a very sunny area of the greenhouse i think it’s given up. It’s a shame really because it had quite a crop forming that now, seem to be wilting. I’ll keep watering & feeding but i think it’s gone 😦 Going forward, I’m thinking about hooking up a timer/hose pipe system in the greenhouse.

…and on a happy note, really please with the following picture after misting one of the tomato plants!

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Veggie plot update – 5th June.

With all this summer sunshine & the occasional shower, my little veggie plot seems to be coming along quite nicely. In particular, the greenhouse crops seem to be doing very well with the first Cucumbers just starting to appear.

I read that chopped strawberries tossed with green salad and a little Balsamic vinegar is very nice. Will be trying soon!

The early potatoes are starting to flower. I read that some say to remove them and some say to leave them. I think I’ll leave mine, after all this is my first time growing spuds so it’s all trial an error. I’m guessing though that flowers are a good indication of a healthy plant?

1st Cucumber of the year!

…no wait, found another few.

Mixed salad leaves – so far we’ve had about five good harvests from this single tub. I’ve been sowing other tubs approx every two weeks so hopefully, many more to come.

Swiss Chard and Rocket.

I’m quite happy with everything so far. The Aubergines are coming along quite nicely as too are the chillies. I lost one pepper plant unfort, but the others seem to be o.k. The trailing cherry tomato plants in the hanging baskets will probably be moved out today to make more room for more pots and tubs I have.

I sorted the pea support last weekend although I’ve probably gone a little overboard with the twine!

Of the six potato grow sacks, I believe this one contains the late croppers.

One of the many herb tubs we have. This one contains many coriander, chives, a little basil and, because I had one spare, I stuck a miniature cherry tomato plant in the middle.

Over in the  veggie beds, the runner beans are coming along quite nicely as well as various other salad crops such as  radish, spring onions and beetroot. No sign of carrots yet so I’m hoping they’ll break through the surface soon.

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Our first crop of 2010.

And so here we are, our first crop of 2010! O.k, so it’s only a few salad leaves but all the same, exciting stuff when you can go out into your  garden/greenhouse,  pick your own and have them fresh on the table within minutes. The Rocket in particular was crisp and tasted amazing, not like some of that bagged claggy stuff  you sometimes find in the supermarkets.

Looking forward to much more and with successive sowing every week or so, should see us through the summer months.

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