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Apple Cucumber

My Apple cucumbers are ready for picking. It’s been fun watching these grow throughout the summer. At one point I didn’t think we were going to get any but what seems like overnight I’ve suddenly have pairs of them dotted around and lurking under the leaves.

Definitely weird yet wonderful!



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First white cucumber sample

Thought we’d try one of these ugly buggers from the greenhouse this evening.

White cucumber


It might look a bit weird but it tastes really nice. Much more crunchier than a regular ‘cumber and not too wet n soggy in the middle.

We’ll see how we get on with the others but I think they’ve made the list to be grown again next year.


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Beautifully weird cucumbers

SUN…and not just a bit of yellow peeking around the the clouds when no one is looking either, but proper glorious sunshine. Instantly the tomatoes are out with shades, shorts and deck chairs to soak it all up and the odd cucumber plant I’d almost given up on does a few sit ups to the tune of ‘eye of the tiger’ – Yup, I’ve probably been out in the sunshine too long myself 🙂

Well let’s just hope it’s here to stay around for a bit longer. just in the nick of time too…summer, this year was almost cancelled.

So these cucumbers I’d almost given up? – well they’re the two funky varieties I was hoping to see the results of the most but until now they’ve pretty much sat there, slightly embarrassed whilst their regular cucumber producing brothers and sisters did so with wanton gust and quite frankly, the odd bit of unsportsmanlike showboating. Good eating though!

Apple Cucumbers


Looking like things from 50’s B-Movies – White ‘cumber’s from Mars.




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Mini greenhouse

So here’s the mini greenhouse I picked up yesterday.

Reading the assembly instructions….any old excuse to have a cuppa whilst looking busy!


Actually it’s pretty simple to build and was up in no time. It stands about four foot and has four shelves (although I guess you could remove some if you wanted more room).

The cover has tie ropes at the bottom to keep it secure to the frame and the double zipped door can be rolled up and tied out of the way at the top.

There’s no fixing pegs or anything like that but I guess this would be easy to add if required. I’ll be placing a concrete slab on the lower shelf to keep it from blowing away.

For a tenner, it cheap and cheerful but pretty good to extend your greenhouse space where space is tight. Let see what goodies I can grow in it.


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Veggie plot update – 26th Aug

It’s certainly been a wet start to the bank holiday weekend so far but at least the garden is getting a nice soaking after this long dry spell we’ve had.

There’s not much work to be done in the greenhouse and veggie beds as everything seems to be coming along nicely without maintenance. We had the last of our garden peas the other day and am quite chuffed that we’ve had a great season with them and certainly will be growing them again next year.

Likewise, the cucumbers have finished for the year and again have cropped really well this year. My only disappointment was the bush type i’d sown this year so I think I’ll exclude these next year.

The potato grow sacks have done very well and so far we’ve emptied three sacks which has kept us in spuds throughout summer. I’ve still got three sacks left and we’ve not touched those growing out in the beds yet.

Runner beans are still going strong and were frequently picking, boiling or freezing for later.

I’d sown my last salad leaves the other day. I’ve got about six tubs left and these should provide us with fresh leaves way in to Autumn. in particular, Pak Choi and Rocket have been a favourite thus year.

The Tomatoes appear to have picked up a little and the bush plants are full of cherry tomatoes although we’re still waiting for many to ripen. Roy from next door is swimming in them and can’t give them away fast enough. They make mine look like berries 🙂


Can’t wait for these fat Roma’s to ripen.


The biggest surprise was tucked behind a tomato plant. I’ve grown peppers for the past two years and each time, they either don’t grow or the peppers are the size of cherries.

Well, this years seem to be doing much better. Fingers crossed!


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Veggie bed update – 31/7/11

Out on my little plot, pickings are a plenty both in and out of the greenhouse. At the moment, Runner beans, peas and potatoes are top of the list.


Top n tailed, and excess placed in the freezer for the winter months.


Quite proud of my cucumbers!


First batch of potatoes


Sadly, my tomatoes aren’t doing so well again. Up until a few weeks ago I had practically nothing but now there’s about 20 or so. Certainly not the volume I’d hoped for but I’ll keep trying.

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Veggie plot update – 27/4/11

I note my spuds are roaring on in the grow bags so i’ve topped up again with more compost this evening and gave them a bit of organic grub.

I’ll need the space in the greenhouse soon and as temps remain high at night/early mornings I’ll be moving these outside this weekend.

Whilst I had a few minutes spare this evening, I filled a few more troughs and sowed another batch of mixed salad leaves, lettuce, rocket and another row of peas.


We have another four day weekend break this weekend due to the Royal wedding so hopefully they’ll be plenty more fine weather for simply pottering about.

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