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Veggie plot update – 26th Aug

It’s certainly been a wet start to the bank holiday weekend so far but at least the garden is getting a nice soaking after this long dry spell we’ve had.

There’s not much work to be done in the greenhouse and veggie beds as everything seems to be coming along nicely without maintenance. We had the last of our garden peas the other day and am quite chuffed that we’ve had a great season with them and certainly will be growing them again next year.

Likewise, the cucumbers have finished for the year and again have cropped really well this year. My only disappointment was the bush type i’d sown this year so I think I’ll exclude these next year.

The potato grow sacks have done very well and so far we’ve emptied three sacks which has kept us in spuds throughout summer. I’ve still got three sacks left and we’ve not touched those growing out in the beds yet.

Runner beans are still going strong and were frequently picking, boiling or freezing for later.

I’d sown my last salad leaves the other day. I’ve got about six tubs left and these should provide us with fresh leaves way in to Autumn. in particular, Pak Choi and Rocket have been a favourite thus year.

The Tomatoes appear to have picked up a little and the bush plants are full of cherry tomatoes although we’re still waiting for many to ripen. Roy from next door is swimming in them and can’t give them away fast enough. They make mine look like berries ๐Ÿ™‚


Can’t wait for these fat Roma’s to ripen.


The biggest surprise was tucked behind a tomato plant. I’ve grown peppers for the past two years and each time, they either don’t grow or the peppers are the size of cherries.

Well, this years seem to be doing much better. Fingers crossed!



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Tomatoes…it’s about time.

Well, I didn’t think we were going to get any this year and although we’re not exactly up to our necks in them, it’s nice to see the odd tomato is finally growing.


‘Sweet n neat’ – yellow


‘mini cherry reds’ย  – hanging basket.

‘roma’ plum tomato.

Today i’ve sown, what i guessing will be the last (fifth) sowing of the year of various salad leaves, chard and pak-choi into tubs in the greenhouse. I’ve missed out the lettuce for this final sowing as the last one didn’t turn out so good – prob way to hot in the greenhouse now.

Also, I’d picked the last of cucumbers and added it to the remaining two in the fridge. By far, this has been the best crop I’ve had so far and am really getting to hang of it. The mini’s cucumbers have been coming thick n fast and keeping us with plenty of stock whilst the larger slower growing varieties grow. Sadly, the third variety (and a new one for me) didn’t crop so well therefore I’ll probably try a different one next year.

Peas and Runner Beans are still cropping very well and the latter excess being cut and added to the freezer. We’ve also emptied and finished our first grow sack of Potatoes and just about to start on the second. I dug a few up this afternoon to see how they were doing.


Erm….our ‘bumper’ crop of….Blueberry. It’s a whopper isn’t it ๐Ÿ™‚

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Veggie bed update – 31/7/11

Out on my little plot, pickings are a plenty both in and out of the greenhouse. At the moment, Runner beans, peas and potatoes are top of the list.


Top n tailed, and excess placed in the freezer for the winter months.


Quite proud of my cucumbers!


First batch of potatoes


Sadly, my tomatoes aren’t doing so well again. Up until a few weeks ago I had practically nothing but now there’s about 20 or so. Certainly not the volume I’d hoped for but I’ll keep trying.

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Cucumber invasion.

In contrast to June’s hot and sunny days, the start of July has kicked off with a bang and full of heavy showers, wonderful angry skies and thunder storms.

Taken yesterday evening…and quite literally seconds later, had to dash indoors to evade the heavy downpour!


It’s a different story in the greenhouse which is warm and humid and by the looks of things, is being lapped up by my cucumbers. We have so many at the moment so all visitors to the house be warned – for the next few weeks all will be forced to take one home with them ๐Ÿ™‚

Some if the smaller 6″ ‘socrate’ cuc’s


Larger dark skinned cuc’s on the container plant.


One of the larger ‘telegraph’ varieties


More mini’s


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Veggie plot update 13/06/2011

Sadly, the following picture pretty sums up the weekend weather ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



I shouldn’t complain really. O.k, so i wouldn’t be RetroBriting my Commodore 128 this weekend, but at least the garden received a much needed soak.

With all the rain it was way to wet to do anything practical in the garden but itching to get out there I was able to at least spend an hour or so in the dry greenhouse simply potting about and making sure everything was fed and watered and cared for.

From the looks of things, this years crop of Cucumber’s are going to be my best to date with many healthy fruit growing en mass. Here’s where my iPhone really comes in handy as i’m able watch handy Youtube vids or chat with fellow gardeners live from the greenhouse. High Tech gardening and it’s best!

I love how theseside shoot things seek out something to wrap around amd support the cucumber plant. Some, like this one below needed a helping hand though.


Out in the beds the peas have started to flower (and I also noticed the first pod this evening) and the potatoes are also in flower. I’m guessing this is a good sign for both?



Elsewhere in the garden, tiny alpine strawberries are running riot amongst the pots and tubs providing a green carpet and a splash of color to otherwise drab areas. Rather than keep them compact last year we decided to let the runner shoots run wild. Being rather small, the increased amount of strawberries is a bonus. They’re rather strong in flavour and are great tossed with green salad and a splash ofย  Balsamic vinegar.


Sadly, the heavy rain had knocked quite a few of the tall plants and flowers to the ground. Some of my Alliums in particular have been flattened but with so many of them, taking a few out hasn’t spoilt the show and they look great in a vase in the kitchen.

One of the many that survived the downpour.


Here’s hoping the weather will be better next weekend!

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Generous Gardeners

On the commute in to work this morning I happen to spot this outside someone’s house!


What a great idea this is and it’s always nice to see such kind of generosity. I hung about for a while but sadly noone seemed to appear so I left them a little note to say thanks.

In the end I chose the Roma ‘plum’ variety and having repotted it this evening I’ll return the original pot on my journey in to work tomorrow.

This really made my day!


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Just nipped into the greenhouse to take shelter from this very wet Bank Holiday Monday and noticed the first of this years cucumbers have started to form.

Elsewhere in the greenhouse, things are coming along nicely. We’ve pretty much exhausted the first tub of salad leaves but have the second tub to start on now.


My only disappointment so far is the lack of Beetroot and Raddish over in the main bed. I’ll sow another batch later in the week when the soil isn’t so wet. Shame it’s so wet but then again, most bank holidays are!



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