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Last greenhouse pickings

Autumn is upon us and as each day passes, pickings in the greenhouse are becoming lighter and lighter. There’s a few Tomatoes & Peppers left but I think this evening I’ve picked the last for this year. It’s quite sad really because I’ve enjoyed nipping out most evening to see what’s ripe.

Overall, I haven’t done too bad. I lost a few to blight but because I’d grown quite a few  there was still plenty to go around. The plum style Roma Tomatoes didn’t crop very heavy but we’ve enjoyed plenty of the Money Maker type.  I think next year I’d like to grow a little less vine tomatoes and add in a few compact bush varieties to maximize my greenhouse space.

Here’s the last few added to the fridge this evening (with a spray of mist for artistic flair 🙂

IMG_5085 (1024x740)

The peppers have cropped really well but I wouldn’t say they were giant monsters like you see at the super market or markets. However, it’s my first time so i’ll research a little more for next years attempt.

Ideally this weekend the veggie beds need a good tidying up and now that we’ve defrosted the freezer I’ll removing the last crop of runner beans to freeze for Christmas lunch – I can’t believe I’ve just mentioned Christmas as early as September..d’oh there I go again !

Speaking of Christmas (now I’ve done it) I’ve noticed the shops have started to bring out the festive goodies already. At this rate is won’t be long before they don’t ever bother packing them away.


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Peas please!

We have peas…and it’s about time too! Throughout the growing season I’ve wondered if Id planted them out at the wrong time or wrong place. I think my only regret was not having enough support for them during the heavy downpours we had in July. Certainly something I’ll bear in mind next year.


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Veggie plot update

Plentiful picks in the veggie garden these past few weeks, especially with carrots, beetroot, red/white onions, peas, spring onion adding to the usual crop of runner beans, courgettes, cucumber and salad leaves.

About the only things that isn’t quite ready yet are the sweet corn cobs. Leeks to follow soon I hope.

IMG_4645 (1024x683)

We tried roasted Beetroot the other day for the first time…and it certainly won’t be the last, it tasted fantastic!

IMG_4646 (1024x799)

IMG_4661 (1024x683)

With the excess of onions and Cucumbers, we decide to pickle them. Curstie was on chopping detail whilst I readied the jars.

IMG_4660 (1024x683)

IMG_4663 (1024x683)

At the moment, king of the greenhouse is this huge Russian beef tomato –  won’t be long before it’s ripe.

IMG_4719 (1024x683)

IMG_4720 (1024x683)

Here just a few more picture from the around the garden –

IMG_4715 (1024x683)

IMG_4631 (1024x683)

IMG_4724 (1024x683)

IMG_4716 (1024x683)

Made me jump!

IMG_4658 (1024x683)

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Around the garden at the end of July

Thankfully no rain today so I had a few hours enjoying the sunshine and pottering about in the garden. Here’s a few photo’s taken this morning.

Although my Peppers were slow to start, they’re really starting to swell now.

IMG_4432 (683x1024)

I love these little orange flowers that are dotted around the pond after  I rescued the bulbs last Feb during digging for the new veggie plot.

IMG_4442 (1024x683)

IMG_4476 (1024x683)

Our wooden barrel pond. The lack on sunshine this month hasn’t allowed the solar pump do it magic to keep the water clear so I’ll tend to it tomorrow.

IMG_4437 (1024x683)

We planted these giant Fuchsias last year and this year they’ve been even better.

IMG_4443 (733x1024)

The Cucumber invasion continues 🙂

IMG_4449 (683x1024)

Come on sweetcorn, grow grow grow!

IMG_4451 (1024x683)

Finally, after thinking I’d planted to late we have Peas 🙂

IMG_4452 (1024x683)

I was trying to get in close with my Macro filter but the wind was to strong and kept knowing the sunflower out of focus.

IMG_4454 (1024x732)

A mass of Lillie pads in our pong. I divided the tubers in Spring apart from this one, it’s need doing next year by the looks of it.

IMG_4462 (1024x683)

More pond plants

IMG_4463 (1024x683)

Onion head taken with my Macro +10 macro filter

IMG_4481 (Large)

Daisy, taken again with my Macro filters stacked +1, +2, +4 and+10

IMG_4502 (1024x683)

Our seed grown Dahlias haven’t done very well this year. The one below was from last years plant tuber that I saved over winter.

IMG_4497 (1024x732)

Still quite a bit more work to be done in the garden tomorrow so please NO MORE RAIN 😛

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Veggie plot update – Mid July

It’s been a few weeks since posting an update about the veggie plot and with all the mixed weather we’ve been having of late it’s really kick started the growth. Here’s a selection of pictures I took whilst watering this evening.

My Enorma runner beans are being picked every other day and are growing so fast it’s as if you can almost see them grow! I’ll have plenty to give away at this rate and any glut I’ll Blanche/freeze  for winter.

IMG_4379 (683x1024)

Getting ready for this evening dinner.

IMG_4376 (1024x683)

The tomatoes aren’t ready yet, put it looks like they’ll be plenty to go around, especially the Money Maker variety below.

IMG_4384 (1024x683)

The ‘Roma’ variety seem to be lagging behind a little but I counted about twenty starting to appear this afternoon. The Russian varieties are pretty impressive but are they supposed to be this big?

IMG_4386 (1024x683)

The sweetcorn cobs are also starting to appear. I read on a few blog’s that you can ‘help’ mother nature by transferring pollen from the top of the plant to the the silks below so I’ve been doing this over the past few days. It’s strangely addictive 😛

IMG_4381 (683x1024)

IMG_4382 (683x1024)

Unlike the other Courgette plants, I have one that doesn’t seem to be producing anything but male flowers. To my delight, I noticed this little fella tucked away under a leaf. Looks like they’re might be another one coming on the right too.

IMG_4389 (1024x683)

I’m still hoping that I haven’t  sowed my peas to late (late may) especially as my Mum seems to have a bumper crop this year. Flowers are just starting to form so hopefully peas to follow.

IMG_4390 (1024x683)

IMG_4393 (1024x683)

IMG_4387 (683x1024)

My folk visiting for the afternoon with my niece, Lucy. Nobody goes home empty handed!!

IMG_4311 (708x1024)

IMG_4395 (1024x683)

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Pickings continue.

It’s certainly been another hot one this week but the fruit and veg seems to be coping just fine. Earlier in the week I picking our the first courgette and this evening, a big fat cucumber to add to our salad!

DSCF1573 (Large)

DSCF1592 (Large)

It’s been so warm in the evenings,  I sat outside yesterday evening around 11pm and the temp gauge was up around 22c and 27C in my study. I’m glad my occupation involves time spent in a computer room kept at a very cool 15-17c – Not so nice in winter though 🙂

I’ve also been looking after my parents garden this week whilst they’re on holiday and have been visiting early in the morning before and after  work. Both my parents are very keen gardeners and have been for as long as I can remember. Everything always looks immaculate and I know they both spend nearly all there days just pottering about…sounds bliss to me! Many years ago they purchased a plot of land at the very end of the garden they use for growing all kind of fruit and veg from Gooseberries to Pak Choi. Tomorrow I’m going to take along my camera with me as they they have a few plant schemes I’d like to try myself next year.

Our own garden is looking great this year too. The mid-late summer bulbs i planted back in April are starting to appear so hopefully prolonging the show. I’ve not really had time to make up our hanging baskets this year so I’ve brought a few from a local boot sale. They’re rather large but at £6.00 each I thought they were very reasonable. Pickings on the veggie plots are increasing becoming available and it’s so nice to go out to the bottom of the garden to see what we fancy.

We also celebrate our first wedding anniversary next week so it’s my last day at work tomorrow before breaking up for the week. After a very busy June, I think we’re both ready for a well deserved rest.

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Veggie plot update – what’s for dinner?

It’s been another hot one today and the weather forecast is looking good until the weekend when heavy thunderstorms are predicted (would love to photograph a lightning storm). With all this sunshine I keep expecting to come home from work and find the greenhouse full of wilting plants but everything is looking good so far so I’ll keep up my twice daily watering regime, damping down the greenhouse and weekly feeding.

Our first mini cucumber was ready for picking and with perfect timing because we’d run out of the ones I’d brought from the supermarket.  There’s plenty more to come  on each plant so hopefully lots more for many salads over the summer months.

From plant…..

IMG_3636 (1024x683)

…to kitchen table….fantastic !!

IMG_3645 (1024x683)

…and a few more on the way!

IMG_3637 (1024x872)

Of the larger cucumber variety, one is about 8″ long and starting to fatten up and grow longer each day. Again, I counted about eight to follow. I was a bit concerned at first because it looked a bit…well…knobbly. However, with each day the bumps and ridges are smoothing out.

IMG_3638 (1024x683)

..with hope, more large varieties to come.

IMG_3640 (1024x683)

The runner beans are still coming along nicely although not many beans yet. There’s about 10 I can see but there only about 4-5″ long at the moment.

I’ve mainly been getting a lot of male flowers on the courgette plants but no courgettes. However, checking today, I found this little fella tucked underneath a leaf.

IMG_3639 (1024x683)

The other courgette plant seems to be doing better.

IMG_3642 (1024x683)

The Sweet peas and sugar snap peas are roaring on and are now wrapping themselves around the supports and string I fashioned last Sunday. I love how they cling to anything.

IMG_3643 (1024x683)

There’s plenty of flowers on the tomato plants and I spotted my first tomato the other day on the ‘Money Maker’ variety.

IMG_3641 (1024x683)

Most other things in the veggie beds are coming along nicely and I’m loving nipping out in the garden each day to add something to our evening dinner. Even if it’s only a handful of chives or a few strawberries I’m totally hooked 🙂

IMG_3647 (1024x683)

I’m thinking back to when I created my little plot on graph paper, all the work involved (see clearing the veggie plot posts) and the first greenhouse vs wind fiasco but it’s all come together and we’re starting to reap the rewards. This is the first time I’ve ever grown anything and am loving every minute.

IMG_3649 (872x1024)

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