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More Finches and friends.

Had the camera nearby this time around.

That’s how we get into those tiny holes!

Who said that

Yay, the Greenfinches are back.

I did see the less colourful female around the ferns at the very bottom of the garden but struggled to get a blur free shot at that distance. Maybe next time?

Someone is quite happy to pose though.

The sparrow chick, following it’s cue from it’s older companion nearly fell into the pond whilst trying to get a drink. Sadly blurred as i prepared to race outside should it fall in 🙂

Thankfully he gave up and after he’d hopped off I topped up the water dishes nearby.

I still not sure about this one. I thought it was just a House Sparrow but I’m think it might be a juvenile Robin. Any ideas?


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Great skies up above yesterday evening whilst I giving the lawn a trim. Nice and cool after a hot hot day.




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Goldfinch returns with a friend.

Woohoo, our visiting Goldfinch has brought a friend along too.






The very young Blue Tit enjoying the sunflower seed hearts at the top right of the picture. It won’t be long before his crown turns Blue.













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Goldfinch in my garden.

Woohoo, after many months of waiting & waiting, and baiting with my new feeder filled with nigra seeds we’ve finally had a visit by a Goldfinch. I do hope this  colourful fella returns again and maybe will have better luck with my camera next time.

Gold Finch

Coal Tit visit from a few days ago

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Underwater art


No, this isn’t a CG generated extra from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this is one of a over 400 pieces by artist Jason de Caires Taylor that reside under the sea off the coast of Mexico.

Using environmentally safe materials, each lifelike statue is exposed to marine life, creating stunning pieces of living art. Amazing stuff indeed.




Check out more stunning images at


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Lift up a plant pot and you never know what’s hiding underneath. This little fella didn’t seem all that bothered after being disturbed so out came my macro lens and a piece of white paper.

…and a little Photoshop fun.

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Tilt-shift video

I’ve seen plenty of tilt shift pictures before and have even had a go myself or added the effect in Photoshop, but I’ve never seen tilt shift video before.

Simply amazing time lapse footage from Keith Loutit –

<a href="http://

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.


The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

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