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Robin Hoods Cortina

What started out as a simple stroll along the banks of the river Maun with my new OS map 270 ended up being a most enjoyable 24 mile hike through the countryside and into the centre of Sherwood Forest.

My route started at Mansfield town market place and walked under the impressive viaduct until reaching River Maun as it leaves the town and heads into Maun Valley. On this day, not a soul was around and I had miles to myself. I was even treated to a King Fisher diving into the water whilst I ate my own packed lunch (and really wishing I’d brought my camera gear…seriously need to look into lightweight monopods again)

Onwards along Badgers Hill and the sweeping views from High Rocks before descending down towards the River Maun and the Five lakes that run parallel. Stopped to chat with one of the local anglers who was happy to be out on this (rare at it would seem of late) dry day!

Past a campsite (waypoint dropped as reference as I’d like to pitch up here one day) and into Cavendish woods and a glimpse at the chocolate box Cavendish Lodge complete with regal Peacock parading the grounds.

Temporary loosing sight of the river as I head through Kings Clipstone and under railway bridges and an old fashioned signal station before rejoining it just south of Sherwood Forest. Here I followed the last bit of the trail and into village of Edwinstowe for a bite to eat and a looksee at the marriage grounds of Mr and Mrs R Hood at St. Mary’s church.

Refreshed, i headed north and the short walk into the heart of Sherwood Forest and to my final destination.

The Major Oak at Sherwood Forest – Robin Hoods weekend retreat ๐Ÿ™‚


I followed the west path out on to the national cycle route (no.6), which then turns south by the Archway house and a glimmer of blue caught my eye.

I wonder if this was Maid Marion’s Ford Cortina ๐Ÿ˜‰


Exiting Sherwood Forest and back towards the river and to follow my footsteps home. Four hours later, coffee, armchair and feet firmly up ๐Ÿ™‚

StiGGy's Blog

The past few weeks, iโ€™ve been playing around with a freebie mapping app called โ€˜Outside Mapsโ€˜ โ€˜ which displays open ordnance survey maps on my iPhone and used in conjunction with my phoneโ€™s compass and GPS functions which is proving to be an invaluable aid whilst out walking. The app has a whole list of features including setting waypoints and offline map pack downloads in the event that mobile or 3G signal is weak.

You canโ€™t beat having a proper map with you though and I usually like to carry an appropriate OS Explorer map with me but having a little GPS โ€˜meโ€™ moving along the map as I walk the route and having a directional indicator is rather fun!

I recently picked up a new walking book called the Robin Hood Way which details the 105 mile 18 stage walk from Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, takingโ€ฆ

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Rambling – Kinder Scout

Eager to test out my new GPS ordnance survey map app called ‘Outside’ for my iPhone I’ve spent the last six hours taking a stroll up and over the high plateau of Kinder Scout in the Peak District.

The app features a rather handy offline browsing feature used for pre downloading maps prior to heading out. This really came in handy as although I had no problems receiving a GPS signal, 3G mobile signal was zero therefore no chance of downloading maps on the go. Simply search the area by name, postcode, poi or manually on the map and download the map tiles you need based on the surrounding area.

The weather this week has be uncommonly summer like for the time of year but today was much cooler and overcast therefore perfect walking weather with not too much cloud to spoil the views.


I parked in Edale and headed up into the village.

Past Edale church (noting the time) and past the Ramblers Inn – which I promised myself a pint of cool stuff on my return.


There are many routes in the area and I hope to return and sample a few more. Today I headed out of the village and along the start of the Pennine Way.


Down through Upper Booth Farm and enjoying the views of the stream below on my left and moorland on the right complete with watchful sheep and playful lambs.

A couple of miles down the trail i reached the bottom of Jacobs Ladder – a very steep trail upwards towards Kinder Scout. Thought I’d take a breather before taking the plunge and got chatting to a group of Mountain bikers who had just cycled down….very brave souls!


Taking in the views as I look back. A huge amount of ‘up’ still to go!


Almost at the top.



Resting on one of the giant boulders having a much needed cuppa and enjoying the views. Being a flat plateau there was an icy wind though.


At Kinder Low and the trig point….beaten to it by mans best friend ๐Ÿ™‚


Looking at my app map, I was originally going to turn right here but thought I’d head straight on and towards Kinder Falls.

Looking left t Kinder Reservoir and Manchester City far off in the distance.


Walking around the top of Kinder Fall, it’s a looong drop down and very windy up here hence the blurred photos.


Finding shelter from the wind and taking a breather whilst I consult my app map.


The app allows you to create waypoints which you can use as a guide line along your journey. As I’d taken a detour, I reentered a few waypoints that would seem me cross Edale Moor and back on to the trail again.

Edale Moor, getting wetter and wetter as I picked my way around the peat mud. At one point I lost a walking shoe and had to grab it before it sank ๐Ÿ™‚


Back on the trail thanks to my app and past the amazing looking gritstone tors. I expected this one to growl ‘Zuel’ from Ghostbusters.


Picking my way down the trail back towards Edale for that promised pint!


Such a great walk and as I mentioned above there’s so many trails to choose from, from short to long. I’m already plotting waypoints for the next trip!

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Hidden paths

I’ve installed a new GPS/ map app onto my iPhone and was keen to try it out during my lunch break (and a great excuse to get out into this summer like sunshine). It’s always nice to have a printed map when we’re out rambling but I do like the idea of having something to track my route or to geotag a particular feature or even photograph.

On my way I noticed a path that was mapped but i never knew existed, especially as the entrance was thick with brush. I’ve been working here for well over 15 years and I never knew this path was here. Curious I picked my way through and was amazed by what presented itself in front of me.


Checking my map to make sure I’m not trespassing, the route through the field was listed as a public bridle way.

At the end of the field and another new area to explore. I see many future lunches being enjoyed on that bench!

The woods were alive with birds including quite a few Woodpeckers…I’ll bring my camera next time as my iPhone’s telephoto options are somewhat limited.

The recent warm spell appears to have brought the out a few very early Bluebells.


The trees are still bare, but it won’t be long now. Such a great time of year when the buds open.


Fifteen minutes later, I’m through the woods and heading back to the office….but checking my watch, I have time to go back and walk the route again. On a day like this I couldn’t resist!


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Up and down

Spring is finally here and with it, here and there there’s little splashes of colour starting to appear. I took a walk out of the office during lunchtime along darkened corridors of hedgerows, bushes and small tree that are now tipped with tiny green, yellow and white buds. A few more weeks and it’ll be a wall of color.

Looking up.


Looking down.

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At the Beach snapping with my iPhone.

With a few apps installed I’m really becoming to love my iPhone and it’s little camera for those times where we find ourselves wanting to shoot a few snaps of something but didn’t think to pack the camera gear. Take yesterday’s trip for example and a breezy walk along the sea front (July in the UK can often feel like mid winter ๐Ÿ™‚ )

With angry clouds rolling in from the sea, these run down beach huts were a perfect subject for playing around with my favorite camera app called Camera+. The pictures are stored on the phone in what I can only guess as something akin to RAW on a DSLR. They can then be processed on camera using a number of filterer, attributes simple editing tools.

Here’s my most favorite shot of the day and currently my netbook wallpaper. Of all the shots taken this is the one I’d like to recreate one day with my DLSR gear.

Taken from the opposite end with ‘fashion’ filter applied and scaled back a little to add a touch more color.

One of my favorite mono filters is the dark and grainy ‘Ansil’ process.


A very wind swept Curstie.


This weather beaten door surrounded by heavily pruned and dying ivy roots caught my eye. I’ve used the Camera+ย  lomo cross process filter. It’s a retro style I’m emulated with Photoshop and many of my images but this iPhone apps is so much easier to use.

Does any one have any more camera app recommendations?

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Snowdrops at Norwood

A fine morning here so thought I’d clear the cobwebs after a very late night at work and headed out on my bike.

Between Old Teversall village and the grounds of Hardwick Hall lies Norwood, a small, secluded woodland area which is a great for strolling, relaxing & spotting the odd woodpecker.

On arrival this morning, I was greeted by a carpet of Snowdrops which are out early this year due to the mild late winter & even warmer early spring.

One of the things I’m loving about my new iPhone is the great camera and multitude of camera/editing based apps which are perfect for the odd snap on cycle trips like this. Of course, it’ll never replace my DSLR, but for something as portable as this, simply loving it!



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Snowy Sutton Lawn

With the recent snow fall and a day off work, I thought I’d take advantage of the picturesque scenery and headed out for a morning stroll around Sutton lawn & pond. I last visited here back in August after stumbling across it and never new it existed, let alone only a short walk from where we live! (see blog post )

Being Monday morning, I had the place to myself and it was so peaceful and quiet.

Here’s a few shots from this morning –

Virtually all of the pond was frozen.

Apart from this bit which was very popular!

Spotting the first of today’s Robin’s.

Stopping for a coffee…

…and a chat with this Grey Wagtail

Shopping in the frozen section? Some folk have no respect ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Fingers numb on the shutter button, time for one last shot before heading home.

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