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Plastic bottle planters

I seen plastic bottles used as planters many many time before and some looking particularly attractive like these Toms


However, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. How cool is this!


Will definitely be giving this one a go.


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Wimbledon lawn

I don’t envy these guys and there challenge to ready the court lawns for Olympic games just two weeks after the Wimbledon tennis championship. I bet they know a thing or two about lawn care though!

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Thank you ma’am

Thanks to her majesty, enjoying an extra day off work and relaxing in the garden.  I spent all day working out there yesterday, pushing, pulling, sowing, digging, forking (steady on) hoeing, pruning and running (dive bombing wasp) so it’s  nice to simply put ones feet up, enjoy the garden at it’s best, wave my little flag and give salute our beloved Queen.

Thank you ma’am 🙂


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Tips for a cooler greenhouse

Top tips from the Guardian on keeping your greenhouse cooler during the summer month.

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Plant finally flowers after 40 years

Such a great story from the Telegraph regarding plant that has finally flowered after a 40 year wait.

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Bonsai Tree Houses

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Blog links

I’ll be adding a blog roll/link section to my blog very soon and one I’ll be adding is

Have been an avid reader for sometime now and as a (very) amateur gardener have found plenty of tips and inspiration. Well worth checking out.

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