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Can water Lily’s change colour?

The other year I thinned out my water lilies in our main garden pond to restrict their spread, rejuvenate and also to give spare tubers to friends and family for their own ponds. I kept a few for myself, had repotted these and placed them in my half whiskey barrel pond. That first year I didn’t get any flower in the barrel pond but this year I have two and surprisingly are differently coloured to that of the parent.

Here’s one of the white/yellow flowers in the main pond.


..and these pink/red/yellow in the barrel pond.


Is this normal? Not that I’m complaining I think they look stunning.


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A welcome return of a garden favorite?

For a number of years, living at the top end of our pond, there lived a rather large Gunnera which we called ‘Giganticus ugliest’. Each year he’d grow larger and larger with some of the leaves being up to 1 meter across. They looked especially good when the pond light was reflecting on them created waves of dancing light across those massive leaves.

Sadly, a few years ago, and during a rather nasty winter with temps dropping to record lows, I think the frost had got to him and he never recovered that next summer and then didn’t make an appearance at all last year. I was clearing around the area the other day whilst cleaning out the pond filters, lifted some plant debris and low and behold…he’s back!



At the moment there’s five leaves emerged from shoots around where the old plants crown used to be so maybe it didn’t die after all?. I’ll give it a good feed and water (this particular area around the pond stays quite moist) and see how he goes. Fingers crossed and more winter protection required if he does return.

Random Google image search..eek, Monster Gunnera!


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The garden wakes up.

Another sunny weekend and out in the garden there’s sense of seasons change. Birds, fish, frogs, bulbs and insects all seem to have woke up at the same time and it was great to sit outside with a cuppa and take it all in. Goodbye Winter, hello Spring….hopefully!

Here and there there’s a splash of colour to brighten up the dark corners.


Most dashed away and swam under the pond plants but this fella was more than happy to pose.


It’s way too nice outside for doing too much work out in the garden but after a little light maintenance I dug myself a few runner bean trenches and filled them with some of my own compost. It’s my first attempt at making my own since and starting my heap last year (see previous blog post – Beehive Composter) and the results look pretty similar when compared to other diy compost photos i found online so I’m guessing I’d got the green to brown mix o.k. I’ll be back to them in a few weeks when I sow my beans.

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More slow motion video shot with my HS-10

Was having a mess around with my Fujifilm HS-10 this afternoon and shot a few slow-mo videos of the water fountain in the barrel pond.

The first is shot at 1000 frames per sec and the second is at 400 frames per sec. As you can see, resolution is quite poor but a fun feature on the HS-10.

*apologies if you don’t see the video directly inside my post, I’m not sure if WordPress was having a moment when I posted this.

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Fujifilm HS-10 high speed movie mode.

I’ve just uploaded two videos shot with my Fuji HS-10 bridge camera using the high-speed  movie mode that I’d completely forgot I’d saved until being prompted the other day – thanks Alan!

Both of the following were shot using the 1000fps mode.


Brother-in-laws frozen pond waterfall.



Super Slow-mo Slinky fun!


The high-speed movie mode is  a fun little feature to mess around but it’s a shame that playback on anything larger than the cameras 3″ LCD monitor results in a pixellated mess when upscaled on a PC monitor of LCD TV.

I’ve only tried the 1000fps mode and the Fuji HS-10 offers a few other high-speed modes so I’ll be trying these out in due course. For reference, the available frame rate and shooting resolutions are listed below.


1000fps – 224  x 64 pixels

480fps – 224 x 168 pixels

240fps – 442 x 332 pixels

120fps – 640 x 480 pixels

60fps – 960 x 720 pixels

Oh…and here you go Alan, here’s the picture(s) you wanted me to upload 🙂

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Hello sun!

After an unsettled week, weatherwise it’s nice to see the sun had finally came out of hiding and looking at the ‘ol desktop weather widget, looks like it’s here to stay…for a bit anyway.

A few images taken from around the garden whilst relaxing next to the pond.

Our new friend (dubbed Dwayne) seems to have picked our garden as its new home. He’s never far way and is getting used to me pottering around the garden without getting too nervous. His mate (dubbed Dwayne-etta) is usually having a doze in one of the trees. ‘Dwayne’ hasn’t quite sussed out the bird table yet. He spends most of the time walking around on the roof knowing that there’s some goodies somewhere!

More white lilies in the pond. Counted about ten this evening but still no sign of the pink and red ones yet.

The last open Lillie, before shutting up shop for another day.

A few buttercups invading one of the borders.

I love these large globe Alliums. We only had a few but over the years, they’ve self seeded and more and  more appear each year.

Having quite a large concrete driveway, rain brings out the snails en mass. Luckily my Hosta’s are surviving…so far!

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Water Lily.

Another scorching hot day today and one that is definitely time for taking it easy.

Relaxing by the pond earlier I spotted that first water lily flower had just started to open. I can see about 20 more buds just below the water surface so hopefully more color to follow.

Despite dividing the lily plants earlier in the year and removing some to my parents pond, they’re stilling covering about 2/3rds of the surface providing plenty of shelter for the fish…or a hiding place in case of another flyby from our local Heron!

Since taking out some of the overgrown Iris’ and various grasses, the main pond is lacking vertical plant interest. Ideally I’d like to plant a dwarf umbrella Cyprus  and am thinking if  I get chance during my day off work tomorrow, a trip to my local aquatic store is in order.

Over in the barrel pond, there’s plenty going on with the Marsh Marigolds and blue/white Myosotis in bloom. The zebra grass is one of my favorites and I’m also hoping that, unlike its first year, the dwarf iris will flower.

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