About me.

Hello there, my name’s StiGGy and welcome to my little Veggie plot.

It all starts with a spark of interest…but I didn’t have one. In fact, considering that my parents are very keen gardeners and I grew up around large vegetable plots and assorted allotments, you’d think I’d have at least some interest in gardening but nope…zip. Gardening to me was all about chores…mow the lawn, trim the hedge and weed the plots. It’s muddy it’s dirty and there’s way too many things with far too many legs that buzz, sting or bite.

I grew up, met my future wife, moved out and brought a house…and it a garden. Slowly but surely, that spark of interest began to surface and so when I was given some tomato plants for the first time it was all rather exciting. They died shortly afterwards…..but that didn’t matter…i’d grown stuff!

Fast forward a few years and a move to another house that had a small disused patch of land behind the garage. It was an overgrown, weed infested pile of rubble complete with paint tins  and home to two dilapidated wooden sheds. Wanting to to expand outside that of a few herbs growing on our kitchen windowsill without digging up the rest of the garden I decided to clear it out and create my own little veggie plot.

The spark remains.

Originally I created a WordPress blog to record words and pictures during my first few years of growing stuff to act as a reference guide for myself.  From the off, and as I started to spend more time out in the garden, my love of nature grew and  merged with my interest in photography.

As my original blog has grown, it included many more of my interests and it’s got to a point that it’s all in a bit of a mess. So, with the new growing year about to start (eek, should I have started already?) I’ve decided to split the content and create this new blog.

I’m no photographer and still can’t grow a tomato but growing stuff is fun and so if it forms a great object for a picture or can served up for dinner then I’m happy chappy.

I’m sure you might read some of the posts and think what the hell is he doing that for?….my answer would probably be that read it somewhere, got it all wrong and decided to make it up as I go along 🙂 –  If that’s the case, please point it out to me, i really could do with all the help I can get 🙂

The comments are open and you do not need to register, leave your email address or anything like that (I always find filling in web forms a little off putting). I would dearly love to here from you.

One last thing…apologies in the advance for all typos!

StiGGy – Feb 07/12




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