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Apple Cucumber

My Apple cucumbers are ready for picking. It’s been fun watching these grow throughout the summer. At one point I didn’t think we were going to get any but what seems like overnight I’ve suddenly have pairs of them dotted around and lurking under the leaves.

Definitely weird yet wonderful!



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Plastic bottle planters

I seen plastic bottles used as planters many many time before and some looking particularly attractive like these Toms


However, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. How cool is this!


Will definitely be giving this one a go.

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First white cucumber sample

Thought we’d try one of these ugly buggers from the greenhouse this evening.

White cucumber


It might look a bit weird but it tastes really nice. Much more crunchier than a regular ‘cumber and not too wet n soggy in the middle.

We’ll see how we get on with the others but I think they’ve made the list to be grown again next year.


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