Bird table makeover.

Our  bird table has been blown over by the wind more times than I can care to remember and each time it gets picked up and dusted down, it’s a little bit more wobblier than before. I usually hammer in a few extra nails for good measure (and to teach it a lesson)   and these days it seems to have more metal in it than wood. One windy day, I was surprised to see it floating on the pond when the top half decided to go for a swim. All those nails can’t be good for the birds either and i’m guessing the RSPB wouldn’t take to kindly to skewered house sparrows.

It’s not a good table anyway, just a cheap DIY kit I picked up fro the supermarket and have always wanted something bigger and taller. A few weeks ago, i spotted a rather handsome table in our local B&Q store. It was painted cream and had a slate roof. Perfect i thought, old english colors and a roof to match our own. It was in kit form so I brought it, got home and started the build. It became quite clear early on that this wasn’t going to go well and at one point it started to resemble a deck chair.

Rechecking the instructions….actually, that’s a lie, what i mean is – reading the instructions for the first time instead of chucking them in the box with a manly scoff, shows that indeed part A should definably be attached to part D, even though this would defy gravity.

I gave up, Curstie came out to see what the fuss was about…by this time i was using a hammer as a screwdriver.

In the end, we decided there’s something not quite right here and returned it back to the store for a replacement and hoping they wouldn’t notice the extra holes.. Sadly there wasn’t anymore in stock and i enquiried if i could buy the shop display model…nope she said 😦

A few weeks later, I spotted another table and one that was on sale with  50% off the price. Hard to resist at that price and with a affirmative ‘yes it will fit in the car’ I brought it and leisurely drove home. Leisurely, because I couldn’t quite reach the gear stick.

Here it is.

Although i like the bare wood (treated) color, I really wanted something to like the ‘Deck chair model’ and to stand out against our green hedge.  Cuprinols ‘Shade’ series offer a range of pastel classic and modern colours for outdoor wood.

I have some spare slate tiles in the garage from our house’s roof and though it would be nice to fit them to the table roof. Until I can borrow my friends cutter , I simply went for a paint colour that closely matches.

Silver Birch for the roof and Muted Clay for the table/legs.

Quite happy with the results.

With ground spikes fitted to the bottom of the legs, will it stand the wind test? Let’s hope so, nobody likes skewered house sparrows 🙂


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