Catching up

April, quite literally has been a washout and so working out in the garden hasn’t been much fun and have much preferred the dryness of the greenhouse we’re i’ll be found listening to a few tunes, a cuppa and working at my potting bench. Plants that were hardening off outside during the brief sunny spells were subject to days of overcast and gloomy days, downpours, unseasonable cold temps and even the odd spot of hail. It’s no wonder some of my runner beans took a beating after the initial grown spurt 😦


Thankfully, May broke the clouds and we were treated to a few weeks of summer sunshine and all but one of them appears to have picked up and are now looking reasonably well

There around 5ft and I can just see that both these and the French runners are about to flower.


In the greenhouse and with the sudden bout of sunshine, everything is ready for potting on at the same time. It’s all a bit of a rush at the minute as I try to catchup.

Cucumber (white, mini and the oddball apple cucumbers) ready for repotting. After a hectic day at work, this is therapy. Sun, sound of birds, water splashing in the pond, pottering around…and of course a rewarding ice cold beer 🙂


First and second batch of salad leaves in the mini and main greenhouse. Yesterday, we sampled our first (small) pickings added to a bag of mixed leaves from the supermarket – you could tell which was homegrown. Crunchie, fresh and oh so tasty 🙂



All in all, quiet pleased with progress so far…still lots to do.


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