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Underwater art


No, this isn’t a CG generated extra from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies, this is one of a over 400 pieces by artist Jason de Caires Taylor that reside under the sea off the coast of Mexico.

Using environmentally safe materials, each lifelike statue is exposed to marine life, creating stunning pieces of living art. Amazing stuff indeed.




Check out more stunning images at



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Can water Lily’s change colour?

The other year I thinned out my water lilies in our main garden pond to restrict their spread, rejuvenate and also to give spare tubers to friends and family for their own ponds. I kept a few for myself, had repotted these and placed them in my half whiskey barrel pond. That first year I didn’t get any flower in the barrel pond but this year I have two and surprisingly are differently coloured to that of the parent.

Here’s one of the white/yellow flowers in the main pond.


..and these pink/red/yellow in the barrel pond.


Is this normal? Not that I’m complaining I think they look stunning.

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Wimbledon lawn

I don’t envy these guys and there challenge to ready the court lawns for Olympic games just two weeks after the Wimbledon tennis championship. I bet they know a thing or two about lawn care though!

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LED Snails.

It’s tempting but even though the blighters might take to my lettuces, I don’t think I could bring myself to do this. Fun to watch though!

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Tempting Sonic.

Great tips here from the Guardian website with regards to encouraging Hedgehogs into our garden – I could do with a little help with slug clearance so a visit would be most welcome.


Maybe I should add a few golden rings and the odd loop the loop platform?…wrong hedgehog I guess!

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Bird table makeover.

Our  bird table has been blown over by the wind more times than I can care to remember and each time it gets picked up and dusted down, it’s a little bit more wobblier than before. I usually hammer in a few extra nails for good measure (and to teach it a lesson)   and these days it seems to have more metal in it than wood. One windy day, I was surprised to see it floating on the pond when the top half decided to go for a swim. All those nails can’t be good for the birds either and i’m guessing the RSPB wouldn’t take to kindly to skewered house sparrows.

It’s not a good table anyway, just a cheap DIY kit I picked up fro the supermarket and have always wanted something bigger and taller. A few weeks ago, i spotted a rather handsome table in our local B&Q store. It was painted cream and had a slate roof. Perfect i thought, old english colors and a roof to match our own. It was in kit form so I brought it, got home and started the build. It became quite clear early on that this wasn’t going to go well and at one point it started to resemble a deck chair.

Rechecking the instructions….actually, that’s a lie, what i mean is – reading the instructions for the first time instead of chucking them in the box with a manly scoff, shows that indeed part A should definably be attached to part D, even though this would defy gravity.

I gave up, Curstie came out to see what the fuss was about…by this time i was using a hammer as a screwdriver.

In the end, we decided there’s something not quite right here and returned it back to the store for a replacement and hoping they wouldn’t notice the extra holes.. Sadly there wasn’t anymore in stock and i enquiried if i could buy the shop display model…nope she said 😦

A few weeks later, I spotted another table and one that was on sale with  50% off the price. Hard to resist at that price and with a affirmative ‘yes it will fit in the car’ I brought it and leisurely drove home. Leisurely, because I couldn’t quite reach the gear stick.

Here it is.

Although i like the bare wood (treated) color, I really wanted something to like the ‘Deck chair model’ and to stand out against our green hedge.  Cuprinols ‘Shade’ series offer a range of pastel classic and modern colours for outdoor wood.

I have some spare slate tiles in the garage from our house’s roof and though it would be nice to fit them to the table roof. Until I can borrow my friends cutter , I simply went for a paint colour that closely matches.

Silver Birch for the roof and Muted Clay for the table/legs.

Quite happy with the results.

With ground spikes fitted to the bottom of the legs, will it stand the wind test? Let’s hope so, nobody likes skewered house sparrows 🙂

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Thank you ma’am

Thanks to her majesty, enjoying an extra day off work and relaxing in the garden.  I spent all day working out there yesterday, pushing, pulling, sowing, digging, forking (steady on) hoeing, pruning and running (dive bombing wasp) so it’s  nice to simply put ones feet up, enjoy the garden at it’s best, wave my little flag and give salute our beloved Queen.

Thank you ma’am 🙂


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