A welcome return of a garden favorite?

For a number of years, living at the top end of our pond, there lived a rather large Gunnera which we called ‘Giganticus ugliest’. Each year he’d grow larger and larger with some of the leaves being up to 1 meter across. They looked especially good when the pond light was reflecting on them created waves of dancing light across those massive leaves.

Sadly, a few years ago, and during a rather nasty winter with temps dropping to record lows, I think the frost had got to him and he never recovered that next summer and then didn’t make an appearance at all last year. I was clearing around the area the other day whilst cleaning out the pond filters, lifted some plant debris and low and behold…he’s back!



At the moment there’s five leaves emerged from shoots around where the old plants crown used to be so maybe it didn’t die after all?. I’ll give it a good feed and water (this particular area around the pond stays quite moist) and see how he goes. Fingers crossed and more winter protection required if he does return.

Random Google image search..eek, Monster Gunnera!



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