War on weeds.

Out and about walking through meadows, footpaths, fields, woods and generally amongst all that lovely green stuff I’m quite happy with weeds of all shapes, sizes and colour. There’s nothing wrong with a expanse of a green grass with a blanket of dandelion heads, or those white or purple flowered thingies you often see alongside road verges.

However…..any of those misfits who decide to set up camp in my garden should be warned. Swearing will be followed by swift and painful action 🙂 Actually, I find it quite therapeutic to be out there with tools and weapons of mass destruction and the challenge of prising one out without snapping off the roots.

For perennial weeds on paths or anywhere away from the garden, I’m quite happy to use a spot of weed killer here and there if said offender is being a bit stubborn. However, if the odd one appears amongst the flower beds I’m usually on hands and knees trying to remove the bugger manually without disturbing the nearby plants. There’s got to be an easier way of precisely targeting the blighters without the risk of hurting other plants?

Saw the advert for ‘Round-ups’ new weed killer Gel and though…weed killer with added tech…that’s more up my street 🙂


The idea is to simple touch the weeds leaf with the tip of the bottle top which (thanks to a application button at the bottom if the bottle) releases a sticky gel substance which I presume is lapped up by the weed and works as a systemic to kill it roots and all. It sounds like a great product for weed control in sensitive or awkward areas and I’m a sucker for believing the man on TV.

I need a test subject – Meet ‘Razz’, a young Dandelion, no doubt up to no good and spoiling the view of my Tulips.


I dabbed one of the leaves yesterday morning and despite the heavy showers yesterday, here’s how he’s looks today.

Not so spritely now are you, mwah ha ha!


I’ll be back with another update in a day or so…but for now,i’m off to find more test subjects and to practise my evil walk.


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