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A welcome return of a garden favorite?

For a number of years, living at the top end of our pond, there lived a rather large Gunnera which we called ‘Giganticus ugliest’. Each year he’d grow larger and larger with some of the leaves being up to 1 meter across. They looked especially good when the pond light was reflecting on them created waves of dancing light across those massive leaves.

Sadly, a few years ago, and during a rather nasty winter with temps dropping to record lows, I think the frost had got to him and he never recovered that next summer and then didn’t make an appearance at all last year. I was clearing around the area the other day whilst cleaning out the pond filters, lifted some plant debris and low and behold…he’s back!



At the moment there’s five leaves emerged from shoots around where the old plants crown used to be so maybe it didn’t die after all?. I’ll give it a good feed and water (this particular area around the pond stays quite moist) and see how he goes. Fingers crossed and more winter protection required if he does return.

Random Google image search..eek, Monster Gunnera!



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Added to the list of great ideas to try out in the garden…and if not, loving this blue colour to add somewhere.

stuff steph does

coffee can flower pots

I started this project nearly a month ago back when I was working on the anthro-inspired flower pillow. I was waiting until the fear of frost was gone for Central Ohio to finally plant my herbs and was told May 15 is the magic number for frost free nights. I cheated on May 5 after looking at the 10-day weather forecast and there was no frost in sight, so Iā€™m taking the gamble a few days early.

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War on weeds.

Out and about walking through meadows, footpaths, fields, woods and generally amongst all that lovely green stuff I’m quite happy with weeds of all shapes, sizes and colour. There’s nothing wrong with a expanse of a green grass with a blanket of dandelion heads, or those white or purple flowered thingies you often see alongside road verges.

However…..any of those misfits who decide to set up camp in my garden should be warned. Swearing will be followed by swift and painful action šŸ™‚ Actually, I find it quite therapeutic to be out there with tools and weapons of mass destruction and the challenge of prising one out without snapping off the roots.

For perennial weeds on paths or anywhere away from the garden, I’m quite happy to use a spot of weed killer here and there if said offender is being a bit stubborn. However, if the odd one appears amongst the flower beds I’m usually on hands and knees trying to remove the bugger manually without disturbing the nearby plants. There’s got to be an easier way of precisely targeting the blighters without the risk of hurting other plants?

Saw the advert for ‘Round-ups’ new weed killer Gel and though…weed killer with added tech…that’s more up my street šŸ™‚


The idea is to simple touch the weeds leaf with the tip of the bottle top which (thanks to a application button at the bottom if the bottle) releases a sticky gel substance which I presume is lapped up by the weed and works as a systemic to kill it roots and all. It sounds like a great product for weed control in sensitive or awkward areas and I’m a sucker for believing the man on TV.

I need a test subject – Meet ‘Razz’, a young Dandelion, no doubt up to no good and spoiling the view of my Tulips.


I dabbed one of the leaves yesterday morning and despite the heavy showers yesterday, here’s how he’s looks today.

Not so spritely now are you, mwah ha ha!


I’ll be back with another update in a day or so…but for now,i’m off to find more test subjects and to practise my evil walk.

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Lift up a plant pot and you never know what’s hiding underneath. This little fella didn’t seem all that bothered after being disturbed so out came my macro lens and a piece of white paper.

…and a little Photoshop fun.

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Veggie plot update 5/5/12

What more Rain? April was wet and May has started to look the same too, including single figure temps and the threat of frost in the morning that is delaying planting out.

I keep checking for signs of life in the mini greenhouse thinking that the cold would probably be too much and so these caught me by surprise!


Indoors, the seeds sown the other week have all reached the surface and so far so good with what looks to be a good selection of cucumber, tomato, pea and bean plants to choose from. The beans in particular are ready to go out but with the weather the way it is, I might leave I a few more days.


In the main greenhouse I’ve sown my first batches of rocket, mixed spicy salad leaves, mustard, purple lettuce, chard and cut/come lettuce.

Come on sunshine, I need you now!

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Tilt-shift video

I’ve seen plenty of tilt shift pictures before and have even had a go myself or added the effect in Photoshop, but I’ve never seen tilt shift video before.

Simply amazing time lapse footage from Keith Loutit –

<a href="http://

The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.


The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.

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