Robin Hoods Cortina

What started out as a simple stroll along the banks of the river Maun with my new OS map 270 ended up being a most enjoyable 24 mile hike through the countryside and into the centre of Sherwood Forest.

My route started at Mansfield town market place and walked under the impressive viaduct until reaching River Maun as it leaves the town and heads into Maun Valley. On this day, not a soul was around and I had miles to myself. I was even treated to a King Fisher diving into the water whilst I ate my own packed lunch (and really wishing I’d brought my camera gear…seriously need to look into lightweight monopods again)

Onwards along Badgers Hill and the sweeping views from High Rocks before descending down towards the River Maun and the Five lakes that run parallel. Stopped to chat with one of the local anglers who was happy to be out on this (rare at it would seem of late) dry day!

Past a campsite (waypoint dropped as reference as I’d like to pitch up here one day) and into Cavendish woods and a glimpse at the chocolate box Cavendish Lodge complete with regal Peacock parading the grounds.

Temporary loosing sight of the river as I head through Kings Clipstone and under railway bridges and an old fashioned signal station before rejoining it just south of Sherwood Forest. Here I followed the last bit of the trail and into village of Edwinstowe for a bite to eat and a looksee at the marriage grounds of Mr and Mrs R Hood at St. Mary’s church.

Refreshed, i headed north and the short walk into the heart of Sherwood Forest and to my final destination.

The Major Oak at Sherwood Forest – Robin Hoods weekend retreat 🙂


I followed the west path out on to the national cycle route (no.6), which then turns south by the Archway house and a glimmer of blue caught my eye.

I wonder if this was Maid Marion’s Ford Cortina 😉


Exiting Sherwood Forest and back towards the river and to follow my footsteps home. Four hours later, coffee, armchair and feet firmly up 🙂

StiGGy's Blog

The past few weeks, i’ve been playing around with a freebie mapping app called ‘Outside Maps‘ ‘ which displays open ordnance survey maps on my iPhone and used in conjunction with my phone’s compass and GPS functions which is proving to be an invaluable aid whilst out walking. The app has a whole list of features including setting waypoints and offline map pack downloads in the event that mobile or 3G signal is weak.

You can’t beat having a proper map with you though and I usually like to carry an appropriate OS Explorer map with me but having a little GPS ‘me’ moving along the map as I walk the route and having a directional indicator is rather fun!

I recently picked up a new walking book called the Robin Hood Way which details the 105 mile 18 stage walk from Nottingham Castle to Sherwood Forest, taking…

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