Sowing begins.

Rain, rain, thunder, rain, is that blue sky?, nope…..rain. Pretty much sums up April here. Doing the odd bit of weeding, mowing and general garden upkeep has had to be done during brief respites when it’s not chucking down…or, at times, putting ones waterproofs on and getting stuck in!

So with the rain pelting down again I raided my seed tin to see what I’m short on for this years veggie beds.


We’re still getting the odd bit of frost in the morning and so I’ll be starting this first batch under cover in the main greenhouse, experimenting with the new mini greenhouse and having seed trays in propagators inside we’re it’s warm.

Despite the rain, I’m happy in the greenhouse, with a good cuppa and Radio 2 on my iPhone. I could stay here all afternoon….and I did 🙂


Todays sowing –

Cucumber (mini, white a Apple variety)
Tomato (Large yellow stuffing) – will be getting more varieties from my folk in the next few weeks.
French beans
Runner beans
Potatoes (Charlotte and Maris Piper)

I’ve placed my potatoes into the grow sacks again after being indoors chittin away. In previous years I’ve added a third of compost to each sack, added five potatoes (one in each corner and one in the middle), covered with a few inch of compost and earthed up as they’ve grown. However, this year, and on recommendation from various friends, I’ve staggered the potatoes into two layers. One, containing three spuds after filling each sack with a third of compost, half filled, added two more potatoes and finally added more compost until the sack is full. No earthing up required. Let’s see if it works.

With the mini greenhouse placed closer to the house, sheltered but in full sun, I’ve sown a small batch of Rocket, mixed spicy salad leaves, Pak Choi, Swiss Chard, Mustard Cress, Lettuce and Purple Basil.


My homemade compost is looking rather good and has been applied to the veggie beds were required. It looks like I’ll be playing catchup what with all this rain but I’m sure all will turn out ok in the end.

Here’s hoping for a dry May 🙂


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