Haircut time.

To StiGGy, this weekend is the weekend you gave the garden trees and larger bushes their annual haircut. In the case of the cherry blossom, crab apple, holly, red robin and (unknown) elm tree, you could say a short, back and sides lollipop. Saturday was a case of dodging showers but Sunday was all bright, dry and warm.

It’s been a considerable number of years since I last climbed a tree…ok, I’ll admit it, its well over 25 years ago, so shimmying up our elm tree and surveying the garden from a lofty hight was quite exhilarating….until the time to descend…not so good.

Whilst up there I must admit, after checking that no one was around, to treating myself to a bit of a Tarzan yodel. However, all thoughts of swinging to the next tree would have to remain in my mind, to accompany the rather down to earth note of extending and adding a couple more flower beds.


We’ve (my wife that is, not Jane & Cheetah) have also decided to add fruit trees to the garden this year. Nothing to large, and am going to try the dwarf stock/patio cherry and apple(s) as well as a ‘no more that 2 metre’ Victoria plum tree. We haven’t decided on cherry/apple varieties yet but need to make up our mind soon and get them ordered. Any dwarf recommendation?

I was hoping sow a few items and place in the mini greenhouse this weekend but the tree pruning has taken up nearly all of the weekend. I guess though, especially as we’re still experiencing frosts in the early hours of the mornings, it’s prudent to hang on for a bit longer?

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