Adding sunflower mix to the bird feeders has brought out a new visitor to the garden these past few days.


To be honest grouped in amongst the sparrows on a dull day, i’d missed him altogether,  it wasn’t until i noticed the flash of yellow and a larger beak did i notice he was sporting a greener coat than the other 🙂

Still no colourful Goldfinches or my favourite Bullfinches yet, but i’ll keep on looking.

Whilst tiding around the garage and getting all the tubs ready for the greenhouse, i spotted two Robins flitting around from table to lawn and back again. Tucked away in the garage and looking through the open window I was able to snap off a few shots without disturbing them. Sadly,  they’re bit blurred at the 720mm end especially as they were taken handheld. I have a second (cheap) tripod i might set in the garage as a sort of  permanently lookout post as you never know who’ll visit the garden!

Must give a couple of the branches a prune around the feeders so as not to obscure my view/chance of a photo. Obviously I’ll need to leave enough for them to perch.

Spotted something way way off in the distance and grabbed my camera to take a quick shot. I didn’t worry  that it would be blurred as i just wanted to get a quick shot before it flew away and review on my PC to see what it was…eek, better watch out Sparrows, it’s a female Sparrow Hawk!


….later on and back for more.



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