Hidden paths

I’ve installed a new GPS/ map app onto my iPhone and was keen to try it out during my lunch break (and a great excuse to get out into this summer like sunshine). It’s always nice to have a printed map when we’re out rambling but I do like the idea of having something to track my route or to geotag a particular feature or even photograph.

On my way I noticed a path that was mapped but i never knew existed, especially as the entrance was thick with brush. I’ve been working here for well over 15 years and I never knew this path was here. Curious I picked my way through and was amazed by what presented itself in front of me.


Checking my map to make sure I’m not trespassing, the route through the field was listed as a public bridle way.

At the end of the field and another new area to explore. I see many future lunches being enjoyed on that bench!

The woods were alive with birds including quite a few Woodpeckers…I’ll bring my camera next time as my iPhone’s telephoto options are somewhat limited.

The recent warm spell appears to have brought the out a few very early Bluebells.


The trees are still bare, but it won’t be long now. Such a great time of year when the buds open.


Fifteen minutes later, I’m through the woods and heading back to the office….but checking my watch, I have time to go back and walk the route again. On a day like this I couldn’t resist!



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