Well helloooooo Sun!

Now this is more like it, sun sun sun. Tipped to be the hottest day of the year with temps zooming rapidly up past the 22c mark, you’d be forgiven  thinking it was June let alone only March.

Not since last October have I’ve enjoyed a full day pottering around in the garden under the warm sun and there’s lots to be done out there.  I’ve made a good start on clearing away the winter litter around the paths and beds, have weeded and scraped away the moss from the paths. The greenhouse has has a good scrub and as well as my canes and various pots and tubs ready for the growing season.

My seed potatoes are currently being chitted and will be placed in the grow sacks for the third time very soon. For a small garden or lack of growing space i can’t recommend these enough especially as they can be picked up for just a few pounds now. Add 3 -5 seed potatoes and continue to earth up during growing and look forward to a bounty crop that you can get at with your hands as opposed to the risk of digging and slicing then accidentally spade.

The pond really is in need of a good spring tidy as it’s practically fully covered with oxygenating plants. I generally leave this blanket of growth over the winter to protect and provide  food for the fish but i can see the Lillies below about to reach for the surface and so this cover needs to be removed by about  2/3rds. I’ve noticed Mr Heron lurking about  so  maybe it’s time I invested on a decoy…the only problem is, i really don’y like those horrible plastic heron things…any suggestions?

Clearing around our strawberry patch I noticed an abundance of Ladybirds. Have always liked these colorful insects so nipped inside and grabbed my camera.


The weather widget (yes I’m a tech geek!) says hot hot hot for the rest of the week so now that the clocks have changed and the evenings are a getting a bit lighter, I’m hoping to get out there for a few hours after work. Fingers crossed!


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