Snow fall brings back a welcome garden visitor.

Last weekend we received our first snowfall of the year and with it, the Redwing’s and Fieldfare’s have returned to the garden once again to feed on our crab apple tree.

Up until now, the Blackbirds have had it all to themselves and unlike previous year with just the one visiting winter thrush, it appears they’ve brought the family for a feast.

Better get in there whilst you can.

A lone Fieldfare takes a break. So nice to see that back again after a year way.

One of the many Redwings. Similar in markings to the Fieldfare…

….except for the splash of color

In total I counted nine Redwings and two Fieldfares..vs six Blackbirds. I fear the apples won’t last very long 🙂

Elsewhere, the garden hedges, pond and bird feeders are alive with birds looking for food.

Starling, which go crazy for dried mealworms.

We’ve got two Robins that don’t seem to be to bothered in each others company.

Not a frequent visitor to the bird feeders but always happy to have my camera to hand whenever a Coal Tit appears.

Sadly, i’m yet to see either a Goldfinch or my favorite Bullfinch in the garden yet, but on a walk out of the office and around the grounds where i work i did spot quite a few of them. Plan to take me camera in with me to see if i can get any shots.

All above are taken with my Fuji HS-10 from the kitchen window and hand held as opportune shots. I might set up small camera tripod next time, just in case as it would be nice to get them sharper and with a lower ISO/less grain.


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