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Tilt-shift video

I’ve seen plenty of tilt shift pictures before and have even had a go myself or added the effect in Photoshop, but I’ve never seen tilt shift video before.

Simply amazing time lapse footage from Keith Loutit –


The City of Samba from Jarbas Agnelli on Vimeo.


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Frogs unite.

It looks like every frog and family has turned up to visit just lately. Great to hear them singing in the evening but you certainly have to watch your step when walking out in the dark. Head torch is essential at the moment.


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The garden wakes up.

Another sunny weekend and out in the garden there’s sense of seasons change. Birds, fish, frogs, bulbs and insects all seem to have woke up at the same time and it was great to sit outside with a cuppa and take it all in. Goodbye Winter, hello Spring….hopefully!

Here and there there’s a splash of colour to brighten up the dark corners.


Most dashed away and swam under the pond plants but this fella was more than happy to pose.


It’s way too nice outside for doing too much work out in the garden but after a little light maintenance I dug myself a few runner bean trenches and filled them with some of my own compost. It’s my first attempt at making my own since and starting my heap last year (see previous blog post – Beehive Composter) and the results look pretty similar when compared to other diy compost photos i found online so I’m guessing I’d got the green to brown mix o.k. I’ll be back to them in a few weeks when I sow my beans.

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Let there be light.

Well, tonight is the first night of the year when I’ve got home from work and it’s still light outside. What with these warm spell of around 11c this week, late Feb it starting to feel rather spring like….there I’ve said it…they’ll be snow tomorrow!

There was even enough daylight to potter around the pond this evening and also fix the outside tap. It’s so nice to be able to enjoy the sunshine after work even if it’s only for ten minutes or so before sunset.

Woohoo green at last!


Enjoying a cuppa, listening to the bird song and watching the light show. Perfect!


Extra note – I’ve also measured up for the new greenhouse too so can now start looking online to see if there’s any that to suit.

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Bonsai Tree Houses

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Spring cleaning begins.

Despite the nip to the air, the sun is out so I thought I’d begin a little spring cleaning around the veggie plot this morning whilst creating a mental to do list of all the little jobs I need to get done. It’s the first time I’ve spent a few hours our here since last year and it’s nice to working on my little plot again. Whilst out here, I got to thinking about the crops I’ll be growing this year, where they’d go, what changes I need to make etc etc. My task list was getting rather large and with memory like mine thought it best to make a list. Being a bit of a tech head, my iPad comes in handy here with the reminders and notes apps.

…and so it begins.


It’s also great to have the Internet available whilst I’m out there in case I want to check on something, search for reference or watch a particular gardening video guide etc.

This year I’m hoping to extend my under cover growing area and am planning on installing another greenhouse. Nothing too large and in particular I’m looking at a lean to type glasshouse that will sit under the kitchen window (which sits about 8ft above ground level) It’s a south facing spot flanked by two small trees so although it’ll get plenty of sun there is an element of shade. Its also next to our outside tap..bonus!

I’m hoping that this should free up some more space in the main greenhouse for even more goodies.

Right best head off out there again as its all too tempting to stay inside in the warmth and pour over that staff of seed catalogues 🙂

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Blog links

I’ll be adding a blog roll/link section to my blog very soon and one I’ll be adding is

Have been an avid reader for sometime now and as a (very) amateur gardener have found plenty of tips and inspiration. Well worth checking out.

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