Radio Times Christmas edition 2011

Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the festive edition of BBC’s Radio Times guiding us through two weeks of TV and Radio listings.

It’s a magazine I’ve brought every year, without fail, as far back as I can remember and this year it wouldn’t be any different….although, there’s one problem, which of the two wonderfully illustrated covers to buy?

The green one?, the red one? Only one real answer…..both 🙂

I’d like to think that getting both was rather a slightly eccentric and cool decision but It’d be far from the truth.

Imagine spending all day fighting the holiday crowds working your way through a long list of gifts for friends and family. Sore feet, sore arms, sore everything…only to have ones partner stopping and um-ing and ar-ing over, of all things a flippin tv magazine! See me being dragged to the tills by Curstie clutching both.

Here’s mine…..and hers 🙂



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