Veggie Plot update 19th Sept

Things are starting to slow down a little out in the greenhouse. The last of the yellow tomatoes are being picked and larger Roma’s are being picked as they ripen.



I’m on the fourth batch of salad trays which will probably be the last for this year. Of all the bits n pieces I’ve grown this year, these salad tubs have been by far the best. Quick, easy and so tasty, much better than that bagged stuff you get at the supermarket.



The last of the runner beans have been picked so at some stage I’ll take down the canes ready for store over the winter.

Out in the beds, the potatoes are ready and so are some of the cabbages (well, the ones that haven’t been eaten by hungry caterpillars πŸ™‚

Other than that, there’s just bits and bobs left really but really pleased that my third year has been fairly successful. I think it’s time to try different varieties of certain crops and expand on our selection a little more, especially to include the winter months and early spring.

It’s been great fun this year and so enjoy being put there amongst the crops. The weather as always has been a little unpredictable but at least I haven’t had any problems with pests and diseases.

Here’s to next year…I’m already planning πŸ™‚




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