Artwork for the Retro Computer Museum

We’re all very excited about tomorrow at the Retro Computer Museum as we host our very first all day retro gaming event since relocating to our new premises.  This first event is a members  invite only but I don’t think it will be long before doors are open to the public. I’m so looking forward to meeting up with old friends, having a chat and getting down to some serious classic gaming. I have many scores to settle 🙂

It’s taken quite a lot to get here and especially over the last few months things have been incredibly hectic. It’s all starting to fall into place now and hoping for a wonderful opener tomorrow.

Both main game rooms contain some of the very best of classic computers and consoles as well as homebrew devices for people to play on. All is looking good apart from the bare walls so last week I selected various photographs from my collection i’ve amassed over the years attending computer events and had them enlarged and printed on A3 gloss card stock.  Most of the images have appeared on this my blog and Flickr stream so feel free to browse back over my posts if you want a closer look.

Sorting them on my desk before heading down to the museum. I think I’ve got around forty printed.

On the walls at the museum.

I’ve also downloaded arcade game art from the web, printed onto A4 paper with a color laser printer,  laminated them to make them less flimsy and finally cut them into shape.

I’ve also had two ideas to cover the horrible 70’s wooden doors. The first is to attach various laminated colored shapes to transform the door into a giant Tetris screen and the other I want to attach enlarged pixels from Galaga.I haven’t started on the ‘Tetris door’ yet, but I have started on the Galaga door.

I couldn’t find suitable Galaga ships on the web that would scale up to A4 size therefore I’ve created my own using MS Paint. I created oversized ‘pixel’ blocks and used each one to build up the model, block by block. After printing and laminating, next was the laborious job of cutting away the excess paper with a craft knife.  This took ages!

Many more to cut and attach.

Lots more classic characters to cut out….which is hard when you’ve got a 4-up N64 Goldeneye next to you 🙂

We’ve also installed a projector & screen and hooked it up to a vintage Laser Disc player and plan to show classic 80’s SciFi films until the small hours of Sunday morning. We’ve got some real gems like Ghostbusters, Goonies, Weird Science, Bladerunner, The Lost Boys, Tron and, what I’m guessing will be the firm favorite – Wargames.

Wargames on our 6ft x 5ft screen with ZX Spectrum code overlay – Andy messing around with dual inputs on the projector 🙂

Love this Tron LaserDisc collectors box as it contains lots of production and concept artwork.

Now here’s one I haven’t seen in ages.

Our event kicks off at around 11am tomorrow until very late although I’ll be there early in the morning with Andy and the other admins to give everything one final check before the games begin. Hopefully, pictures and video to follow at some point over the weekend.


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