Veggie plot update – 26th Aug

It’s certainly been a wet start to the bank holiday weekend so far but at least the garden is getting a nice soaking after this long dry spell we’ve had.

There’s not much work to be done in the greenhouse and veggie beds as everything seems to be coming along nicely without maintenance. We had the last of our garden peas the other day and am quite chuffed that we’ve had a great season with them and certainly will be growing them again next year.

Likewise, the cucumbers have finished for the year and again have cropped really well this year. My only disappointment was the bush type i’d sown this year so I think I’ll exclude these next year.

The potato grow sacks have done very well and so far we’ve emptied three sacks which has kept us in spuds throughout summer. I’ve still got three sacks left and we’ve not touched those growing out in the beds yet.

Runner beans are still going strong and were frequently picking, boiling or freezing for later.

I’d sown my last salad leaves the other day. I’ve got about six tubs left and these should provide us with fresh leaves way in to Autumn. in particular, Pak Choi and Rocket have been a favourite thus year.

The Tomatoes appear to have picked up a little and the bush plants are full of cherry tomatoes although we’re still waiting for many to ripen. Roy from next door is swimming in them and can’t give them away fast enough. They make mine look like berries 🙂


Can’t wait for these fat Roma’s to ripen.


The biggest surprise was tucked behind a tomato plant. I’ve grown peppers for the past two years and each time, they either don’t grow or the peppers are the size of cherries.

Well, this years seem to be doing much better. Fingers crossed!



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