Fake digital ancestry

I happen to come across another fun photo manipulation app for my iPad called Absolute Vintage Studio which I thought I share some of the resulting images.

The app allows you to take the portrait of a picture and superimpose it onto vintage photographs to create your own digit ancestry.


You can also add period items to your photo such as hats, moustaches and glasses as well as adding a period frame or faded old photograph filter.

The app controls for manipulating your image are very straight forward making the process of creating your picture very easy. You can use a picture from your photo album or open the iPad camera from within the app. You can also upload the picture to a number of social media sites from within the app or simply save out to your photo album


Here’s some of my ‘ancestors’ 🙂

Uncle Bob, inventor of the smokeless pipe…probably.


StiGGy Astaire, claims to have invented the moonwalk in 1920.


Able seaman StiGGy – ran away with a mermaid


Great great uncle ‘mad as a hat but don’t stare, StiGGy


Auntie StiGGy, seen here before the change.



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