Tomatoes…it’s about time.

Well, I didn’t think we were going to get any this year and although we’re not exactly up to our necks in them, it’s nice to see the odd tomato is finally growing.


‘Sweet n neat’ – yellow


‘mini cherry reds’  – hanging basket.

‘roma’ plum tomato.

Today i’ve sown, what i guessing will be the last (fifth) sowing of the year of various salad leaves, chard and pak-choi into tubs in the greenhouse. I’ve missed out the lettuce for this final sowing as the last one didn’t turn out so good – prob way to hot in the greenhouse now.

Also, I’d picked the last of cucumbers and added it to the remaining two in the fridge. By far, this has been the best crop I’ve had so far and am really getting to hang of it. The mini’s cucumbers have been coming thick n fast and keeping us with plenty of stock whilst the larger slower growing varieties grow. Sadly, the third variety (and a new one for me) didn’t crop so well therefore I’ll probably try a different one next year.

Peas and Runner Beans are still cropping very well and the latter excess being cut and added to the freezer. We’ve also emptied and finished our first grow sack of Potatoes and just about to start on the second. I dug a few up this afternoon to see how they were doing.


Erm….our ‘bumper’ crop of….Blueberry. It’s a whopper isn’t it 🙂


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