At the Beach snapping with my iPhone.

With a few apps installed I’m really becoming to love my iPhone and it’s little camera for those times where we find ourselves wanting to shoot a few snaps of something but didn’t think to pack the camera gear. Take yesterday’s trip for example and a breezy walk along the sea front (July in the UK can often feel like mid winter 🙂 )

With angry clouds rolling in from the sea, these run down beach huts were a perfect subject for playing around with my favorite camera app called Camera+. The pictures are stored on the phone in what I can only guess as something akin to RAW on a DSLR. They can then be processed on camera using a number of filterer, attributes simple editing tools.

Here’s my most favorite shot of the day and currently my netbook wallpaper. Of all the shots taken this is the one I’d like to recreate one day with my DLSR gear.

Taken from the opposite end with ‘fashion’ filter applied and scaled back a little to add a touch more color.

One of my favorite mono filters is the dark and grainy ‘Ansil’ process.


A very wind swept Curstie.


This weather beaten door surrounded by heavily pruned and dying ivy roots caught my eye. I’ve used the Camera+  lomo cross process filter. It’s a retro style I’m emulated with Photoshop and many of my images but this iPhone apps is so much easier to use.

Does any one have any more camera app recommendations?


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