More Raynox Macro shots

It’s seems an age that I’ve been out into the garden with my camera and have some fun with my Macro extension as these past few months I’ve been happy enough to snap away with my iPhone.

Here’s a few taken yesterday…although i must admit, would have got better results if I’d used my tripod instead of shot hand held.

These Alpine Strawberries that are running riot in the garden this year might only be the size of blackberries but there taste is intense.


In the pond I have a water basket semi submersed which contains three plants that flower one after the other from Feb through to Aug. Here’s the last show of color and scent with this water mint.

The cool purples of the Aliums have been replaced by the fiery ‘Red Hot Pokers’

I’m unsure what this is but each pinhead sized flower is opening one by one creating masses of white to contrast dark greens of the ferns.


Aaaaggghhh, it’s a weed! – Dandelion Head

This might also be a weed..although after the very small yellow flower has faded, what remains is fascinating.


Hairy Foxglove 🙂

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