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More camera+ snaps

Just a few more snaps taken this
morning with the ‘camera+’ app for the iPhone.

Leek flower head – Ansel


Leak flower head visitor – St Elmo


Rosie drying out in the sun (she leaned too far when drinking out of the pond!) – lomo processed.



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Veggie bed update – 31/7/11

Out on my little plot, pickings are a plenty both in and out of the greenhouse. At the moment, Runner beans, peas and potatoes are top of the list.


Top n tailed, and excess placed in the freezer for the winter months.


Quite proud of my cucumbers!


First batch of potatoes


Sadly, my tomatoes aren’t doing so well again. Up until a few weeks ago I had practically nothing but now there’s about 20 or so. Certainly not the volume I’d hoped for but I’ll keep trying.

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Macro Wasp

Whilst working on my car this afternoon I’d spotted a dead wasp in the engine bay so without fear of getting stung I was able to get up close and personal with my camera and macro lens.







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At the Beach snapping with my iPhone.

With a few apps installed I’m really becoming to love my iPhone and it’s little camera for those times where we find ourselves wanting to shoot a few snaps of something but didn’t think to pack the camera gear. Take yesterday’s trip for example and a breezy walk along the sea front (July in the UK can often feel like mid winter 🙂 )

With angry clouds rolling in from the sea, these run down beach huts were a perfect subject for playing around with my favorite camera app called Camera+. The pictures are stored on the phone in what I can only guess as something akin to RAW on a DSLR. They can then be processed on camera using a number of filterer, attributes simple editing tools.

Here’s my most favorite shot of the day and currently my netbook wallpaper. Of all the shots taken this is the one I’d like to recreate one day with my DLSR gear.

Taken from the opposite end with ‘fashion’ filter applied and scaled back a little to add a touch more color.

One of my favorite mono filters is the dark and grainy ‘Ansil’ process.


A very wind swept Curstie.


This weather beaten door surrounded by heavily pruned and dying ivy roots caught my eye. I’ve used the Camera+  lomo cross process filter. It’s a retro style I’m emulated with Photoshop and many of my images but this iPhone apps is so much easier to use.

Does any one have any more camera app recommendations?

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Cucumber invasion.

In contrast to June’s hot and sunny days, the start of July has kicked off with a bang and full of heavy showers, wonderful angry skies and thunder storms.

Taken yesterday evening…and quite literally seconds later, had to dash indoors to evade the heavy downpour!


It’s a different story in the greenhouse which is warm and humid and by the looks of things, is being lapped up by my cucumbers. We have so many at the moment so all visitors to the house be warned – for the next few weeks all will be forced to take one home with them 🙂

Some if the smaller 6″ ‘socrate’ cuc’s


Larger dark skinned cuc’s on the container plant.


One of the larger ‘telegraph’ varieties


More mini’s


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More Raynox Macro shots

It’s seems an age that I’ve been out into the garden with my camera and have some fun with my Macro extension as these past few months I’ve been happy enough to snap away with my iPhone.

Here’s a few taken yesterday…although i must admit, would have got better results if I’d used my tripod instead of shot hand held.

These Alpine Strawberries that are running riot in the garden this year might only be the size of blackberries but there taste is intense.


In the pond I have a water basket semi submersed which contains three plants that flower one after the other from Feb through to Aug. Here’s the last show of color and scent with this water mint.

The cool purples of the Aliums have been replaced by the fiery ‘Red Hot Pokers’

I’m unsure what this is but each pinhead sized flower is opening one by one creating masses of white to contrast dark greens of the ferns.


Aaaaggghhh, it’s a weed! – Dandelion Head

This might also be a weed..although after the very small yellow flower has faded, what remains is fascinating.


Hairy Foxglove 🙂

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