Cloud watching

This weekend we’ve seen such a mixed bag of weather conditions creating all manner of sky art! From cloudless deep blue skies filled with towering cumulus clouds to cooler breezes with wisps of high cirrus and darkening angry skies.

Whilst working under these rapidly changing skies this weekend, I’ve found myself often pausing and simply looking up in awe.

Now that I have my iPhone, which more often than not, permanently lives in one trouser pocket or another, I’ve always got a camera to hand to whip off a few shots. It may be low res and lacking in features (although the third party ‘camera +’ app really helps) but it comes in handy for those spontaneous shots….and the fact that I can shoot, edit, tag and post on the go!

Here’s a few taken so far.






All I need now is an app that can help identify them.


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