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Gardening tips with Dennis Hubbard.

I came across these series of videos On YouTube called ‘gardening tips with Dennis Hubbard’ a few days ago and have been really enjoying watching them and picking up the odd tips as well as laughing along with his son behind the camera.

To me, these videos show a man very much in love with growing his own, down to earth and very adaptive to the various challenges in the garden without the need to simply spend £££ on the latest gadget, gizmo or anything that’s colourful at the garden centre.

This is the type of gardener and gardening I aspire too and watching them reminds me of many childhood afternoons visiting grandparents and wandering around with my grandfather learning how ‘stuff grows’.

*it’s a shame though that most of my attention was focused on eating his crops…especially the strawberries!

A really nice chap, and I hope he continues to upload more videos.

Here’s a link to one to just one of them.


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Just nipped into the greenhouse to take shelter from this very wet Bank Holiday Monday and noticed the first of this years cucumbers have started to form.

Elsewhere in the greenhouse, things are coming along nicely. We’ve pretty much exhausted the first tub of salad leaves but have the second tub to start on now.


My only disappointment so far is the lack of Beetroot and Raddish over in the main bed. I’ll sow another batch later in the week when the soil isn’t so wet. Shame it’s so wet but then again, most bank holidays are!



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Salad with everything please!

On one of my, now daily trips down to the greenhouse to see what we can pick for dinner.

These past few weeks it’s been all manner of salad leaves from Rocket to Chard.



With the sunshine in April and rain in May, outdoor crops are looking pretty good so far, especially the Potatoes.


..and more colour around the garden




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Around the garden at the end of April.

This April has been the hottest on record and as such has seen the garden transform into color almost overnight. Here’s a few photo’s I’d taken the other day.

I’m particularly pleased to see some of the woodland inspired seed packets i’d sown at the begining of last year are now developing into waves of patern and color brightening up the dark areas unders the connifer trees.

Let’s hope it continues.

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Veggie plot update 5/5/2011

…and still the warm weather continues and it’s certainly doing wonders out in the garden (although a drop of rain wouldn’t go amiss!)

I’d spent a few hours earlier in the greenhouse and have repotted the cucumbers into their final 10″ pots, canes and support. One didn’t look to well the the other day but it seems to have picked up a little since giving it a drop of Tomato feed.


I’ve also planted out the runner beans and also not that various seeds sown in the beds are just about breaking the surface.


Our first crop of mixed salad leaves are ready too although I’m finding it hard to resist snacking on them whilst working in the greenhouse. Judging by the look of the other trays, there’s plenty more to follow.


Happy days!

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