Veggie plot update 22/4/11

With the continuation of this very unseasonable good weather we’re having, it was so nice to spend the whole day out in the garden yesterday.

I love having my iPhone with me whilst out littering about outside for those times when you just want to snap away!


The first job of the day (and quite a chore really) was to give the pond pumps & filters a good scrub. Sadly, my backup pump has failed and I can’t get it going again. It’s been on the blink for some months now therefore I think it’s time I had a new one – maybe one with a fountain head this time to get some air into the water?

Second job was to lift out the overgrown mass of water lilies & thin them out a bit – a really mucky job!

Moving on to the veggie plot, the runner beans are ready for potting on.


I've also repotted the dwarf French beans and with the peas, have moved them outside to get accustomed to the temps (I've been placing then in the greenhouse at night though).


Over in the veggie beds, I’ve sown two varieties of carrots, beetroot, radish, onion, chard, lettuce & herbs. In the greenhouse I’ve sown another two trays of mixed salad leaves & earthed up the potatoes.


I even had time to mow the lawn, prune & weed and on days like this, could have easily carried on until the morn!


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  1. 1

    Oh I am so jealous of where you are in the growing season. We are looking at teens again tonight. I guess I am going to have to figure out how to make/afford a greenhouse.

    • 2

      stiggyworld said,

      It’s certainly been strange weather we’ve been having here in the uk. I bet it’ll snow in the summer now :-£

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