…and away we go. First seed sowing session.

Last weekend we enjoyed the warmest temperatures this year and could easily have been mistaken for a sunny day in mid summer instead of early spring!

Taking advantage of the fine weather and using last years blog posts as a guide, I thought I’d start my first  sowing session of the year.

With all this lovely weather it’s easy to get a little carried away and start planting tender crops outside. However, more often that not we still get early morning frosts here as late as May so for the time being I’ll be sowing in trays/propagators inside and a few test early crops under glass in the greenhouse.


The first thing I wanted to do is plant out my seed potatoes  I’ve had chitting away these  past few weeks.

Having emptied and cleaned the grow sacks (just with a sponge and water), they’re ready to be used again. These were  part of a kit I ordered last year from Marshall Seeds – www.marshalls-seeds.co.uk/

This year I’m sticking to just two varieties –  Charlotte (earlies) and Disiree (main crop). I’ve split both types into three sacks each with each sack containing five potatoes each. I’m not sure if this is too many or too few per sack but it seemed to work out just fine last year.

Here’s a few pictures of some of the seeds packets I’ve collected over the past few months along with those from last year that are still good to go.

I really like these six packet collections from Wilkinsons because not only are they great value and varied but they  often include veg I have little experience in growing and therefore are great for experimenting with before growing specialist varieties.

The salad leaves collection is a particular favorite of ours and have brought plenty for this years greenhouse. Like last year, i’ll growing in tubs in batches of three and repeating the process so that at any given time I have leaves just sown, leaves that are sprouting and leaves that are ready for picking.

I don’t have a potting table yet therefore I digged out an old table  from the garage and set up shop.

So, on that very fine Sunday afternoon I’d sown the following –

Cucumber – Telepathy (our favorite and 3rd year with these).

Cucumber – Socrates (mini ‘cumbers and very quick to grow, 3rd year with these)

Cucumber – Bush Champion (another mini and a 1st for me)

Onion ‘Spring’ – White Lisbon (another favorite and regular in the garden)

Tomato – Sweet ‘n’ neat yellow (a 1st for me but parents have been growing for years. Very sweet and unusual taste for a tom)

Peppers (varied) – Never been very succesful with these but I’m keen to try again.


Dwarf French Beans

Runner Beans (sticking with ‘Enorma’ for the 3rd year running due to the heavy crop you get with them).

Swiss Chard

Various tubs of salad leaves

Various bedding plants and flowers for the planters & hanging baskets

Over the next few weeks I’ll continue to sow and keeping an eye on the weather will begin to sow direct  into the beds.

Oh, one more last update – the new netting I erected around the veggie beds appears to be doing a good job of keeping the cats off 🙂







Over the past few months i’ve been collecting seeds packets containing all manner of fruit and veg i’ll be planting this year. Some varieties i’v e sown before and have become almost


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