Veggie plot 2011 – 9th April

Wow, wasn’t expecting this snapshot of summer sun so early in April, but it certainly makes for a welcome change out on the Veggie plot.

In April, surely not?


Decided today that I really needed to rethink the height of the veggie bed protection as ours/neighbourhood cats appear to have taken a shine to using the beds over the winter.

Browsing around gardening section, spotted just what I was looking for.


Using 6m x 2m strawberry nets and these fruit canes, I’m hoping this will keep my beds clear.

Rather than using multiple pegs to tie the netting down, I’ve threaded metal poles (left over from the infamous plastic greenhouse) into the netting instead. It works a treat & reuses what would have been scrap ๐Ÿ™‚


The beds have been given a good fork over and have worked in plenty of blood, fish & bone fertiliser which I’ll leave to settle for a week or Two.



I plan to grow Runner Bean in a different plot this year so after reserving the 8th canes & putting to one side, sorted out the rest and gave them a wipe over.


Now that the potatoes are ready planting, I’ve been emptying and cleaning the potato grow sacks and have picked up a few bags of compost & organic potato feed. I’ll be planting them this weekend and depending on temperatures, may leave them in the greenhouse whilst it’s still empty (not for long!).


Leaving the veggie plot for the now spent the rest of the day potting around the garden & with surprise weather like this, there’s nothing better! I was out there until it was practically dark ๐Ÿ™‚


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