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Veggie plot 2011.

It’s been so long since posting on my blog as March has turned out to be a rather busy  one! Spring is most certainly here (although it’s raining very hard whilst typing this!) and despite the odd cold snap, the sun’s been out in force for many days so it’s time to get crack in and around the garden and kick start this year’s veggie plot.

Over the past few weekends I’ve been busy outside giving everything a good spring clean including emptying, sorting and cleaning the greenhouse. I’ve also been preparing this years veggie beds and as this is my third year of growing my own, have decided to rotate my crops.

Back inside, I’ve had my spuds chitting away and they’ll soon be ready to here’s hoping for a repeat performance this year.

With all this warm sunshine and clocks moving forward the other day, it’s all to easy to get carried away and start planting straight away. However, we’re still having heavy frosts here in some mornings to it’s still a little early for that. Temps in the greenhouse seem to be quite warm and stable so I’ll test conditions with a tray of salad leaves to see if they germinate.

I’ve already started collecting this years seeds and like the previous two years, am attempting to grow fruit and veg that I’ve not tackled before.

Out in the garden, springs bulbs, tree blossom, and pond plants are starting to poke  through and color is once again starting to return.

The lawn had its first cut on Sunday and sadly is looking a little tired after the harsh winter. Plan to give it plenty of TLC over these next few weeks/months and I’m sure it’ll be back to normal soon.

The list of jobs to do out there seems ever endless, but with a little sun, there’s nothing like a bit of pottering about and wish you every success on your own plot.




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Finally found my Raynox Macro

So happy that I’ve found my Raynox Macro extension,  I thought I’d lost it months ago.  It wasn’t until I emptying my car of clutter that I found it, tucked under the driver seat. I’m guessing it had fallen out of my camera bag whilst heading out on a walking trip.

So with the spring Daffodils in bloom and some cut for the kitchen windowsill, thought I’d go in for a little close up.

Spring time starts………

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