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Fujifilm HS-10 high speed movie mode.

I’ve just uploaded two videos shot with my Fuji HS-10 bridge camera using the high-speed  movie mode that I’d completely forgot I’d saved until being prompted the other day – thanks Alan!

Both of the following were shot using the 1000fps mode.


Brother-in-laws frozen pond waterfall.



Super Slow-mo Slinky fun!


The high-speed movie mode is  a fun little feature to mess around but it’s a shame that playback on anything larger than the cameras 3″ LCD monitor results in a pixellated mess when upscaled on a PC monitor of LCD TV.

I’ve only tried the 1000fps mode and the Fuji HS-10 offers a few other high-speed modes so I’ll be trying these out in due course. For reference, the available frame rate and shooting resolutions are listed below.


1000fps – 224  x 64 pixels

480fps – 224 x 168 pixels

240fps – 442 x 332 pixels

120fps – 640 x 480 pixels

60fps – 960 x 720 pixels

Oh…and here you go Alan, here’s the picture(s) you wanted me to upload 🙂


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