‘O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree’.

Our Christmas tree is now up and decorated after a little concern that I’d actually brought one that was too big. Usually we go for something like a 6ft pine, but this year I opted to go for something much larger. The store had plenty of 8ft-10ft trees but most were actually 6ft with another 4ft of bare top and not really what I was looking for. I wanted dense foilage from top to bottom and in the end we settled on a very handsome 9ft Norway Spruce.

Even though measurements were taken of the car, mathematical equations were drawn up including the removal of far to many car seats and generally a lots ‘ums’ and ‘Ars’ followed by lots of pushing and shoving which repeated for another 15 minutes. In the end, ones booted foot became very useful 🙂

The journey home was brief and thankfully comprised of mainly left hand turns as looking right meant a face full of needles. Back home, I again slipped on the driveway with 9ft of log on my shoulder. Thankfully I didn’t fall  but self righting myself included lots of flapping about like some deranged lumberjack.

With the theme tune to ‘Some mother’s do ave em’ wafting in the air, I maneuvered the tree into the house, settled it in to it’s base and snipped open the netting…whoa…that’s, quite a lot of tree.

Despite having to give it a light trim with the secateurs (as Miss Angel didn’t look too happy with face mashed into ceiling), I’m chuffed to bits with it and the fresh pine fragrance which fills the house is simply divine.

60mm at F/8.0, 2 sec, Iso 100



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