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Holiday Wallpaper from (via News)

An interesting Christmas Wallpaper from WordPress this year. You must check out Gary Fernandez’s site for more peculiar images, some of them are fantastic.

Holiday Wallpaper from Last year we started a little tradition, commissioning an illustration to give away as desktop wallpaper during the holidays. This year, Spanish artist Gary Fernández has created a wintry forest scene filled with curious characters who have great taste in blogging platforms. Friends in the southern hemisphere, we love you too, but if you haven't already noticed, we really have a thing for snow. We hope you enjoy — and happy holidays from all of … Read More

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StiGGy’s Super Cranberry Sauce.

A few days before Christmas Day, I like to whip up a batch of my Cranberry Sauce. I’m actually in the Kitchen now whilst I type this and the smell is amazing so I thought I’d share the recipe with you.

Ingredients –

450g of Cranberries

75g Caster Sugar

x1 Large Orange (Rind & Juice)

1 or 2 Clemetines (optional)

x1 Heap Teaspoon of fresh grated Ginger or half this if using dried Ginger

4 or 5 Cloves

x1 Cinnamon Stick (the one’s you find  in the small jars which are about 4-5cm long)

2-3 Tablespoons of Port

Firstly, peel away the Orange rind with a Potato peeler and cut them into fine shreds.

Place the Cranberries, Orange rind, Orange Juice, Caster Sugar, Cloves, grated Ginger and Cinnamon stick into a Pan & bring up to a simmering point, giving everything a good stir.

When the Cranberries begin to burst, place a lid on the pan & simmer for another 5 mins.

Once finished, remove the pan from the heat and stir in the Port.

Once cool, remove the Cinnamon Stick & Clovers (they can be a bit of a pain to find 🙂 ,pour into a serving dish or jars if storing until a later date.

I usually store mine in Jars in the Fridge but before screwing on the lids, I placed a piece of sliced Clementine on top.

Quick ‘n’ easy and taste’s sooooo good!

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‘O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree’.

Our Christmas tree is now up and decorated after a little concern that I’d actually brought one that was too big. Usually we go for something like a 6ft pine, but this year I opted to go for something much larger. The store had plenty of 8ft-10ft trees but most were actually 6ft with another 4ft of bare top and not really what I was looking for. I wanted dense foilage from top to bottom and in the end we settled on a very handsome 9ft Norway Spruce.

Even though measurements were taken of the car, mathematical equations were drawn up including the removal of far to many car seats and generally a lots ‘ums’ and ‘Ars’ followed by lots of pushing and shoving which repeated for another 15 minutes. In the end, ones booted foot became very useful 🙂

The journey home was brief and thankfully comprised of mainly left hand turns as looking right meant a face full of needles. Back home, I again slipped on the driveway with 9ft of log on my shoulder. Thankfully I didn’t fall  but self righting myself included lots of flapping about like some deranged lumberjack.

With the theme tune to ‘Some mother’s do ave em’ wafting in the air, I maneuvered the tree into the house, settled it in to it’s base and snipped open the netting…whoa…that’s, quite a lot of tree.

Despite having to give it a light trim with the secateurs (as Miss Angel didn’t look too happy with face mashed into ceiling), I’m chuffed to bits with it and the fresh pine fragrance which fills the house is simply divine.

60mm at F/8.0, 2 sec, Iso 100


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Retro Computer Calendar 2011

Cool, looks like the CGEU /R3play chaps have picked a few of my images for the R3play retro computer 2011 Calendar.

Mine are –

March – Amstrad CPC464

July – ZX Spectrum 48k

November – BBC Micro

Cheers chaps!


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….and more snow.

It didn’t stop snowing all night again and by morning, another 5″ or so had settled. Both cars looked like igloos and after digging them out and trying to get some grip, it was obvious they we weren’t going anywhere. Living on a Cul-de-sac, there’s not a lot of traffic and although the main road didn’t look too bad, getting to it was going to be a problem.  We made the calls to work, wrapped up in four pairs of everything and headed out on this unexpected day off work.

Best foot forward!

Ready made head for a snowman?

The snow cone is getting bigger


Heading out to the park.

Curstie, along the waters edge.

Snow clumps from the overhead trees

Yay, the sun comes out.

Follow the leader!

Tennis anyone?

Back home and looking at the fresh blanket on the drive.

We couldn’t resist 🙂

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