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The big freeze.

I spent a few hours in the garden tidying up around the veggie beds this afternoon (including the 20 minutes when the garage door slammed shut on me trapping me inside ๐Ÿ™‚ )and as there’s still quite a substantial crop of runner beans that would spoil soon, I’ve picked then all for freezing for a later date.

Simply wash, top & tail, blanche for 3 mins then rinse with cold water before drying and finally place in freezer bags. Some of the larger ones I’ll store somewhere dry until they turn brown and brittle for easy picking of the seeds which I’ll replant forย  next years crop.

Another excess that we have is courgettes and I didn’t realise you could freeze these too. It’s such a shame to let them go to waste so again, these will be frozen with all the other veg bound for the freezer.

Next weekend I’ll be tidying the greenhouse and getting everything ready for winter storage as well as providing some room for the plants I’ll be over wintering.


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Potatoes with everything!

I’m about at the half way mark for potatoes with four grow sacks now emptied and two more to go. I’ve been really impressed by the large crop contained within each bag which I’d estimate approx 60 potatoes per bag (each bag started with three seed potatoes).

The last few I lifted from no.4 grow bag this evening – ‘swift’ variety. Next, we’re on to our favorite Maris Pipers

The greenhouse crops are almost finished now, with the last cucumber ripe for picking as well as a handful of tomatoes, chillies and peppers. Sadly, the Aubergines didn’t do so well in the end, unlike the ones i given to my parents that have really cropped well. Will try again next year, but maybe will use larger pots than the 10″ I used this year.

We’re still picking fresh salad crops but picking are becoming slimmer each day as we move from summer salads to autumn/winter vegetables.

We’ve had some laughs with the courgettes too, especially the ones I’d missed if that were hidden under the larger leaves.ย  Marrow-tastic ๐Ÿ™‚

Similar to last years, the runner beans have been our successful crop this year with bags and bags of them. This weekend i’ll strip the remaining plants and after a quick blanche will freeze them for winter.Next year, i want to incorporate broad beans to accompany more runner beans and peas.

To date, it’s been a good growing season despite the short summer months. Ideally I need to focus more on late summer/early spring crops to extend our season a little more but with each season I’m learning more and more.

Even if you only have a small window box, once the growing bug catches, you’ll never be able to stop!

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