Decorating continues

I’ve not posted much in the past few days due to decorating a few rooms in our house. Today I’m on to the kitchen and was up early this morning giving the walls and ceiling a good wash, filling in any small dints and hairline cracks and then applying a bead of chauk around where the wall meets the ceiling – I wish i done this when we first had the new ceiling installed as over the years it’s shrunk and cracked the paint. Live and learn!

Plate racks, kitchen shelves and other items on the walls have been removed and the floors and work surfaces have been covered prior to begin painting the ceiling. The only problem area was around the recessed light fixtures as for love or money i couldn’t remove them. Very steady hand required but thankfully no major problems with any slips wiped away with a damp rag.

I’m just waiting for the last coat to dry, which should be any time now before starting on the walls. Depending on how this goes, might continue later into the evening and begin painting the woodwork…Bank Holiday weekends, don’t ‘cha just love them 🙂

Sunday, I’m off to Suffolk with RCM to pick up a boat load of vintage computer/console gear. Looking at the list, there’s some real gems in there and will post pictures when i get back.

…but for now….paint brush awaits!

p.s Will also post a veggie plot update soon. Things have quietened down a little but still bring in the tomatoes, peppers, beans, peas, potatoes, courgettes and salad crops. Best of all, the first of the aubergines is looking ready to pick.


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