Raynox DSR 250 Macro Extension.

Although it arrived a few weeks ago, I’ve not actually had chance to try out my Raynox Macro extension until yesterday.

Here’s a box shot and as you can see from the cover illustration, it’s a simple clip on affair that supports lens threads from 52mm to 67mm via the universal mount – The actual macro extension has a 43mm thread.

Box contents are – Storage case, storage bag, instructions, universal clip, macro extension and two dust covers for both ends of the glass. You simply screw the macro extension into the universal clip, push the spring-loaded mounts together and affix to the lens.

Similar to other  macro extension rings I have, auto focus is not possible therefore manual focusing has to be used. However, unlike my previous macro extension rings where the glass has pretty much got to be touching the subject (and often causing lighting issues), the Raynox seems to work in the opposite way and the best results are obtaining at the top end of the telephoto range. On my Fuji HS-10, this is anything around the 500 – 720mm  or 250 – 300mm on my Tamron/Canon.

Unless you have a very steady hand, mounting the camera on a tripod is a must at these ranges. My HS-10 seems to cope much better at image stabilisation than my Canon but even so, still very tricking when hand held. Focusing is best done by moving the camera backwards and forwards until the subject is focused and using the manual focus to make small adjustments. With my Canon, the remote shutter release cable came in handy but without this function on my HS-10, I used the self timer mode.

Here’s a couple of test shots –

Ball point pen

2.5mm headphone jack

USB cable – at approx 300mm

Same shot, but at 500mm.

Moving outside, it was almost impossible to capture these fast moving Marmalade Hoverflies (especially as the flower head was moving in the wind too!). Shot at around 400mm

This Bee was quite happy to pose for a shot! – 720mm

So far, I’m pretty impressed and I’m sure that with a little bit more time to experiment with various camera settings, I should be able to get some interesting results.  The one I’d really like to try again is the ball point pen and see if I can get a better self portrait through the reflection.


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