Veggie plot update – 2/8/10

Apart from continual lack of anything that looks like an Aubergine, everything else in the greenhouse and veggie plots are coming along nicely. In particular the potato grows sacks are producing some excellent results and so far I’ve dug up a fair few handfuls from the  first bag.

Although a little late to crop this year, we’re now picking the runner beans in larger volumes with plenty of new growth to keep us happy throughout late summer/autumn and to freeze for winter.

Likewise, the peas have also accelerated giving us a generous pan full instead of a small handful for salads.

Everyone I spoken to  says that there Tomatoes are late to ripen this  year, and mine are the same too. I’ve had the odd one or two but no great volume yet. However, these past few days I’ve noticed that the majority are just starting to show a hint of color change from green to orange so hopefully it shouldn’t be too long now.

A mis-timed sowing session has left us without much in the way of salad leaves for a week and I’ve also noticed that something is having a nibble on some of the leaves. I’d found the odd caterpillar, but I’m guessing he’s got friends lurking around nearby.

As I mentioned above, the Aubergines have failed to fruit and I’m guessing that there’s not going to be any to sample this year.  I won’t be put of trying again next year and at least the pink flowers have provided a little color to the otherwise uniform green of all the other crops in the greenhouse 😛

Courgettes and cucumbers are coming along nicely, especially the larger cucumbers which we’re picking each week.

All in all, so far so good.


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