Veggie Plot update – First Potatoes.

It occurred to me whilst boiling potatoes for this evenings dinner that I’ve not actually checked my own potato growbag for a few weeks. So whilst dinner was cooking, I has a prod around in the soil in one of the grow bags that we planted first. Just under the soil surface i felt my first ever homegrown spud and pulled it out..fantastic!

Fishing around a little deeper I could feel quite a few in there but I didn’t want to lift out too many as we still have quite a few spuds left from the supermarket. I won’t be buying anymore for the time being and looking forward to cooking with our own this weekend.

Taken from the first batch of seed potato I set at the end of March.

Also had a couple of cucumbers and courgette ready for picking in the greenhouse this evening.

Whilst i had my camera out, I thought I’d take a stroll around the garden.



Leek flower head.

Coriander left to flower.

Attracting all manner of visitors.

Giant Daisy

No idea what this is but the scent is amazing!

Red-Hot Pokers

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  1. 1

    elaine said,

    i love all the photo by you, are all these taken by fuji hs10?

  2. 2

    stiggyworld said,

    Hi Elaine, many thanks for your comment. Yes this particular set was taken with my Fuji HS-10. I brought it in April so from them on, I’ve used a mixture of those taken with my HS-10 or Canon DSLR. To be honest, I favor my HS-10 for speed when taking quick snapshots as opposed to having to keep changing lens on my DSLR.

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