Plane spotting.

I haven’t been able to use my new car all week because I’ve been waiting for the dealer to mail me the new tax disk. Thankfully it arrived yesterday morning and therefore itching to take it out for a  spin, we decided to head down the motorway later in the afternoon. Knowing that we’d be passing East Midlands Airport, I packed my camera gear for bit of plane spotting and photography.

Thanks to a colleague’s recommendation, we found a great little spotting area right at the end of the runway – Thanks again Ben, great place!

At the end of EGNX awaiting the first plane. Despite a miserable week weather wise, this particular afternoon was a welcome change. Here’s the view looking past the ILS localizer and onto the runway.

Boeing 737 takeoff – RyanAir.

Boeing 737 – British Midland Airways heading towards the parking gate.

Cessna 152 – Donnington Aviation.

DHL cargo planes await loading.

Up, up and away!

One of the BMIBaby aircraft departs again.

Piper Warrior II

Trying out the ‘sunset’ mode on my Fiji HS-10 camera.

Lying on our backs looking up ala ‘Wayne’s World’ style!

Time for one last shot before heading home.

We really enjoyed this and next time we’ll head on over to the other end of the runway to catch the aircraft landing. I also noticed to the north of the airport, there’s an aeropark which include quite a few static aircraft displays including the enormous Avro Vulcan. We’ll be paying them a visit in the near future.

Avro Vulcan, from a photography I’d taken at last years Waddington International Airshow  (see blog post –


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  1. 1

    Ben Shephard said,

    Looks like you got a few nice shots. I was thinking of having a ride to manchester to see what it’s like up there. They have a concorde at their aeropark too which would be good to see and the drive there is much more scenic than the M1 🙂

    • 2

      stiggyworld said,

      Yeah, thanks again Ben. Would like to get to the other end to catch the vortex/break cloud as they land and maybe one evening at sunset.

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