Veggie plot update: 30th June

I was just watering the crops  and have noticed that most of the plants are starting to bear fruit. What a great bonus to spot all of these on the same afternoon.

First sugar-snaps of 2010

…first Tom

…first Runner Bean

…first courgette (actually that’s a fib, there’s about five emerging now)

Found this fella tucked behind one of the leaves. I’d be concerned about the shape and ‘bumps’ on this cucumber if it wasn’t for growing them last year and seeing that this is what they look like when they’re growing (he writes nervously 🙂

First Aubergine

And some good news, back in my previous post (veggie plot update 23rd June)  I thought I’d lost one of the mini cucumber plants due to lack of watering whilst being away for a weekend. Well, giving it a good soak twice daily, a little TLC and plenty of Tomato feed seems to have been the perfect pick-me-up. It seems to be on the mend and the cucumbers have plumped up a little more. Time will tell but I’ve not given up on the little fella yet!


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