Shopping in Milton Keynes.

Before heading home after last weekends trip to Bletchley Park for the Vintage Computing Festival, we have a wander around Milton Keynes city centre taking in the sights and of course…a little shopping too!

Redeveloped as a ‘new town’ in the early ’70s to accommodate an incoming population from Londoners, it’s grid like design and zones offer a great walking experience as we meandered between tree lined avenues and high-rise buildings.

Our hotel overlooked the Xscape indoor ski slope so we made this our first port of call. Nice and cool in here!

Underpass market

Repairs to another underpass.

…and up into the sunshine

Hitting the stores and buying a new pair of All Stars.

On the hunt for a coffee.

Stopping to watch the world go by.

Every few minutes another window would open. I’m guessing, no air-con 🙂

The LEGO store pick & mix!

Whilst stopping for lunch, birds arrived to join us.

My favorite shot of the day.

Heading on home with a boot full of shopping bags, perfect end to a perfect weekend. This won’t be the last time we come here.


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